Interracial sex stories with a southern MILF are so sexy

Interracial sex stories with a southern MILF are so sexy. Especially when told during hot phone sex with a charming innocent way. My stories will have your cock a hard throbbing shaft of velvet over steel. When you hear how I spread my legs. Big black cocks cum in my cunt while my husband watched helplessly in the corner, and then made him clean me up. Lol then again that is one reason cuckold phone sex is one of my favorite types of calls lol.

I started getting interracial sex stories with a woman. Lol Or rather what I thought at first was a woman. Turned out she was actually only part female. She was the start of my shemale sex stories. She has such lovely breasts, narrow waist, slim hips, with a bubble ass. Lord bless her she gave me the surprise of my life. I thought she was this very attractive woman. She filled out her dress just right. We started making out in a ladies bathroom stall at this club when I felt her cock grow. Talk about surprised, lol.

I could not wait. Ripping her skirt up and there was this yummy big black cock dripping precum. I sucked that monster down as fast as I could.  In moments she bent me over and slid that cock right up in my tiny pussy. I thought I was going to be split open it was so fat.

I swear I love the average to small range sizes of cocks. My pussy is shallow and seriously tight.. but I will admit the BBC’s that I have had in me were great as long as the guy had excellent control so he did not hurt me, well more than that pleasurable pain.

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