When I was in college I had an internship in a successful, family-owned advertising agency. It was quite a good gig for a sophomore in journalism school. The pay was good and the benefits were great.

I worked for Julia, the “workaholic” wife and bulldog of the operation. Her husband Allen was the president who ran the office I was working in, as well as two others in neighboring states. Julia was beautiful and powerful and being her shadow had its perks. We worked on exciting campaigns, expensed long lunches, dined with clients at the finest restaurants and traveled to shoots all over the United States.

The problem with Julia, as I would come to find out, was that she worked too much and saw too little of Allen.  Julia would ask me to constantly fix her schedule and inevitably she ended up cancelling many dates with Allen.

When I attended a cocktail party at their home, Julia introduced me to Allen and the meeting was electric. Allen was so handsome. He smelled amazing – like sandalwood and spices. He had piercing eyes and perfect hair. His smile made my pussy twitch.

Allen looked at me almost like he knew me and I was intrigued. When Julia was called away, Allen got me a drink and started picking my brain about my future plans. He flat out told me that if I was planning on entering a permanent relationship I would need to balance my work and personal time. He basically told me a woman couldn’t have it all without letting some part of her life slide.

I could tell Allen was planting a seed. It was my call whether or not to water it.

Back at work on Monday, Julia told me she was flying to LA on Friday and asked me to cancel her weekend plans with Allen. As I flipped through her calendar, I found they were going away for a romantic four day stay at a luxury cabin in the mountains. The “cabin” was more like a swank vacation home next to a beautiful lake. Everything was planned out. It was definitely a strawberries and champagne, terrycloth robe and couples massage weekend.

I paused and thought for a moment. When she asked me to kill the trip, she barely flinched. It was all business.  I crossed out her fantastic getaway and closed her datebook, but I didn’t have her assistant call Allen. Instead, I decided Julia wouldn’t mind if I took her place.

I headed straight to La Perla, expensed an obscene amount of lingerie on the company account – I figured Allen wouldn’t mind – and went to my apartment to pack my bags.

Stay tuned for part II, or call me for a personal preview.



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