Interactive Sex Stories, Pt 1: Vote For Free Phone Sex!

Dear Perverts, you know I love phone sex most when it’s fresh and interactive. So tonight I’m going to try something new: interactive sex stories where you write me and tell me what should happen! And the bonus is free phone sex minutes! This should get interesting!
So this is how these interactive sex stories will work…It’s a choose your own adventure blog. I’m going to tell my story, but at the end, I’ll give you two options for what could happen next.


I’ll tally the results and in my next weekend blog, I’ll share the voting results in Interactive Sex Stories, Pt 2! Make sense? Okay! Here we go!


I have a terrible crush. His name is Eric.

He has always been the hottest guy in the room and as the years go by and our friends give their lives over to marriage, children, alcoholism…he remains the hottest guy in the room. Even his once-attractive wife has started to balloon out to her final form, which is apparently a potato…but, not Eric. He’s just as tall and dark and sexy as the day I met him.


Eric knows about me. I plowed through all of his friends who were worth fucking over the years and the rest have tried their hand.

Eric knows I’m a terrible slut, that I like to get my way, and I’m generally not interested in more than what a guy has below the belt. Knowing this, he’s been very cautious not to be seen spending too much time talking to me. Thing is, when I’m getting enough good dick, I’m not on the prowl. But it’s no secret what depravity I’m capable of, and stories travel. So where do things stand now? Well, Shawn is still mad about the threesome with Jake. Jake (Oh, Jake) was a fling and never left me his number. Ryan is a total stress case with a new kid. Colin’s starting to resent my boyfriend Mike. Mike is boring as hell in the sack and cares more about work than play. So, needless to say, your slut is back on the prowl and horny as hell.


Eric has always kept a safe distance from me, just in case I’m in a rapey mood and he’s a little bit drunk.

I don’t blame him; I’m a sexual deviant. But lately, something has been curiously different…First of all, he’s been watching me. Watching what I do, who I talk to, who I flirt with, how I tease. He has also been going out of his way to say hello. But there’s something else. I suspect something has gone south between him and the potato. First of all, she is never around anymore which is great, because I love staring at him all night and she gets in the way. But that raw, sexual energy in him is turned up to 10. I used to just think he was attractive.

Now when I see him, my pussy quivers for a whole day afterward. I think that is the definition of a crush – when the panties get soaked and he hasn’t even done anything besides say hello.


Now I finally got his attention and he’s in the kill zone.

He offered to give me a ride home and I got him into my apartment. Now I see why he’s been looking at me – Eric is just as much of a disgusting pervert as I am! I didn’t even have to ask and he was licking my pussy with his finger up my ass! I came so hard on his face that my knees buckled against the wall. Then I start to slide down and he grabs me by the throat and holds me up. His big cock is throbbing and I can feel the precum sliding against my pussy lips. But what do you think, perverts? Should I:


A) Let him fuck me up against the wall like a dirty submissive little slut…or…


B) Turn the tables on him and see what happens when I take control? Could be wild…


I think I’m going to like these interactive sex stories! But I can’t do them without you!

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