I’m In the Mood For Some Intense Girl On Girl Action!

I love dick. More than anything, I love big black dicks! But tonight I’m in the mood for some intense girl on girl action!

Right now, I’m in my bed. Legs spread, with my bare, shaved pussy spread wide open, teasing my hard little clit while wishing for the feel of a soft, female mouth. I love the feel of another woman’s gentle, talented tongue running up and down the length of my pussy – teasing my soft little lips and then sucking them into her mouth, making them all swollen. Don’t get me wrong, I love having my pussy eaten by a man as well, but women REALLY know how to take their time. Work every little sensitive spot before moving onto the next. Licking, and sucking, and teasing you – edging you slowly and sensually towards that orgasm you KNOW is going to happen because they aren’t simply waiting to shove their cock inside you!

I love giving oral girl on girl action as much as I love getting it. Tongue fucking that hot little cunt and feeling it move to the rhythm that you set – hips bucking up towards your face, begging you for more. You know what I’m talking about, guys! =) I know some of you enjoy it it just as much as I do – the power of having that beautiful creature in the palm of your hand. Writhing. Moaning. Squirming.  Willing to do anything for you as long as you just. don’t. stop.

My favorite part of girl on girl action is sliding together – pussy against pussy.

Looking deeply into each other’s eyes as you grind against each other. Feeling and hearing that wetness and suction. Teasing each other’s tits and running your hands all over each other’s bodies. Sweating, grinding, moaning, with long, sensuous tongue kissing mixed in.

Want more intense bi-girl action? ME TOO!  I don’t have another woman here tonight, but I do have YOU! If you are a man who loves to hear about hot girl on girl sex,  CALL ME and we’ll go a little deeper. =)


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