Those eyes, that body, that cock ….. my stepson has it all.

My stepson has had a flirting relationship with me for months. Catching him watching me change or shower, sniffing a pair of dirty panties while he jerked off has become a habit. His sex drive is off the chart. And it’s my responsibility now as a step parent to make sure he’s well educated. Well educated in sex education that is.

He was supposed to go golfing today. But instead, giving this bullshit story about needing to finish homework. Knowing instantly what my stepson was up to a plan was made. I found the porno on his computer he’d been watching last night. It was a young man giving a MILF the pussy licking of a lifetime. Deciding after watching it, it was time for him to take some lessons.

“Looks like you’ve been enjoying watching a pie eating contest upstairs.”, he looked shocked and pretended he had no idea what I was talking about. “Don’t be embarrassed.  In fact, how about you let step mommy show you how it’s supposed to be done? Are you ready to accept the challenge to be my cunnilingus expert?”   Shaking his head eagerly he followed up the stairs.

The Teaching Begins

Laying down on the bed slipping out of my black sheer panties I motioned for him. “This is where lessons are learned”.  Nodding, his eyes strayed down to that landing strip and pink lips glistening with moisture. Beginning with slow licks from on end to the other, it was hard to keep composure. “Now slowly write your name on my pussy with your tongue”. So softly, feeling like a feather, his tongue gliding across my honeypot. Sensually biting my clit, sucking and pulling it into that warm mouth was exhilarating. Everything I instructed he complied.

Thighs pressing on each side of his face, forcing that tongue to plunge deeper. Moaning and squirming, unable to get enough. Imploring him to eat that pussy till it squirts all over that sweet step son face. Urging him to keep going and going, I got exactly what I wanted. One hour and four orgasms later I let him rest. Laying down beside me closing his eyes, I said ‘OH NO, we are just starting your training!’. Want to find out what happens next? Call and let’s play!

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