I love my Uncle Rich.

I ADORE him! He’s my most favorite uncle! He’s ALSO a dirty-minded, perverted fucker that wants to commit incest with his hot niece! Of course, being the bratty danger whore I am, I have used this information against him… in SO many ways over the years! All without him EVER knowing that I had caught on to his attraction to me. PLEASE. I’ve known since I was 14, and caught him in my room, sniffing my cute little panties!

When I couldn’t get my way with my Daddy, I would go to my Uncle Rich. I always knew that no matter what crazy thing I wanted to do, or what audacious amount of money I wanted… Uncle Rich would make sure I got it! Then I would sit in his lap and hug him SO tight! Lithe young body wriggling and squirming against him. I still giggle a bit to myself when I picture his face getting all red, and him shoving me quickly off of his lap to leave the room. I didn’t know what that meant.. THEN!

But guess what? I still do it. EVERY time Uncle Rich comes over, I jump into his lap, make sure to wiggle ALL over that big hard dick that I can feel through his jeans, and wrap my arms around him and hug him close, so he can feel my hard nipples pressing against him through my tight shirt! Mmmmmmmm. I can always feel his heart beating SO hard in his chest! That, the feel of his strong arms, and the manly scent of his cologne have always made my pussy drip! I have been toying with the idea of seducing my Uncle Rich since I was 15.

Will YOU make my dirty little incest fantasy come true?

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