Impregnation sex stories are so hot!

I love impregnation sex stories and I was reading one the other day that was super sexy. When I find a really hot story, I just have to share it!

The story was about a 16-year old girl who had to help out at her neighbor’s house. He was working in the backyard, cutting firewood. His shirt was off and she couldn’t take her eyes off of all the muscles he had glistening with sweat.

She had never had sex before, but she was so turned on watching him, she had to do something. Quickly, she decided to “accidentally” tear her shirt down the front, then he would have to help her. It worked like a charm.

Once he came inside and started to look for something to help, she just pulled her torn shirt off and when he came back in the room, she started to pull her other clothes off, too. He was shocked at first, but then couldn’t help himself, he started to get hard. She got on her knees and started to suck his cock.

“Put a baby in me”

He didn’t let her do it for long because he wanted to be inside her. She told him she wasn’t on any kind of birth control.

“Perfect,” he said. “I only fuck when I know I’m going to make a baby.”

He picked her up and put her on the kitchen counter and started to fuck her. She moaned as he fucked her hard, her tight little virgin pussy getting stretched with every thrust.

He told her he was going to fuck a baby into her and she yelled that she wanted his cum.  She wanted to feel his hot load inside her, she wanted to know they were going to make a baby together.

Finally, she did, his hot cum shot in her tight pussy. He kept fucking her as he came, pushing the cum inside as much as he could.

“I’m not sure your dad is going to be so happy about this.”

“He’ll get over it, besides, we’re going to have to keep doing this to make sure there’s a baby in me.”

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