I love the idea of a guy plunging his cock deep into my hungry pussy. Feel him shoot a load and my body absorb him.

Impregnation is a real fetish that allot of guys don’t admit to girls and visa versa. Considering that when women talk about wanting kids guys turn tail and run! After a date with Dave things got hot pretty fast when he bent me over the sofa and started licking my pussy.

His lips felt so fucking good sucking in my clit and working my body into a tight ball of need. I felt my first orgasm hit hard. My pussy squirted into his mouth as he kept up the assault on my soaked box. with my body shuddering I needed a mall reprieve before he fucked me.

Dave turned me about and stuffed his hard big dick in my mouth. His balls were so heavy. I paid extra attention to massaging them. My pussy got a new yearning for Dave. His cum, I had to have it inside of me.  Dave’s precum was thick and I could surmise that his cum was the perfect kind for impregnation. Not runny, thick and white, loaded with babies.

Dave turned me back around on the sofa, I heard him whispering about how he was gonna fill my pussy to the brim with the huge load he had been saving all week for me. I smiled and looked over my shoulder and said I didn’t have any condoms. Dave chuckled and said he didn’t plan to use one even if I did.

Inside I did the happy dance with excitement, I played it up however on how he couldn’t come inside of me since I wasn’t on any birth control. His cock pounded into me hard while he talked about filling my belly with his baby, that my womb was perfect for him.

Once he was ready to cum he pushed in deep and held still allowing his cock to pulse and shoot as deep as he could. Dave held still a moment and slowly pulled out to be sure none of his cum escaped.

I finally had my impregnation fantasy become a reality! Lets wait and see what happens!



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