I got blindsided by an impregnation fetish.

An impregnation fetish was the opposite of everything I could expect. I mean, I’m a total tease, a flirt, and sometimes even a slut. I love playing around with big cocks and naughty ideas.. Sometimes I can even get darker with it all, and be either a masochist or a sadist. However, with all of that, I still didn’t expect being turned on by the chance of getting knocked up. We’re talking about me, here! I wouldn’t do the mom life very well, so what is it about getting creampied that just feels so right? What is it about this fetish that drives me so crazy? Why do I love how good it feels to get fucked bareback, no condom, and letting him completely fill me up?

Do I just like knowing that he claimed me as his?

Is that what this whole fetish is about? Whenever a guy is into it, I know it goes right down to claiming the girl as his, knocking her up, and knowing that he did that. And somehow that works the other way, too. I’ve been playing around with the same fuckbuddy for a while, and I used to make him wear a condom.. But lately, he can do whatever he wants, and I started loving the feeling. It just feels so good and naughty when I let him fill me up. The feeling of his cum squirting into me so deeply, and when he pulls out slowly and I can feel it dripping out.. It feels almost better in doggystyle, like he just bred me and all my naughty thoughts are rushing through my head. I might have to try more of it..

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