Let me give you the impregnation fetish fix you need.

I’m not sure what triggered my repressed impregnation fetish. Maybe it was downloading the Period Tracker app on a whim. Then again, it could have been my sister’s recent pregnancy announcement. But hey, it could just be my “biological clock” finally starting to tick! All I know is that I suddenly have a case of baby fever.

Today my libido feels like it’s in overdrive. I’m definitely ovulating. My cum is so thick and creamy. I can’t keep my fingers away from my swollen, hungry pussy lips or my extra-sensitive clit for more than a few minutes at a time. My breasts ache. Even the slightest brush against one of my pretty pink nipples electrifies my entire body with a tingly, visceral wave of pleasure/pain.

I can smell everything with dizzying intensity as if it were all right under my nose. Even during the brief interludes where I’m not touching myself, my steaming cunt is deliciously fragrant. When I slide and push my fingers inside deeper, my pussy contracts and squeezes tighter. I need someone to fill me, to feed my all-consuming carnal hunger.

Ageplay phonesex and impregnation fetish fantasies pair well together in my world. I’d love to co-star as the young virgin you dream of deflowering. It’s going to hurt when you break my hymen walls with your stiff cock, but I’m so ready. I promise! And we both know that even if I do cry a little, it doesn’t mean I don’t like it. It means I want more.

The best phone sex and the satisfaction you crave is just a phone call away. My fertile pussy is starving for your virile cock. I want your babies to grow inside my stretched-out belly. I want to feel your seed saturate my insides. Ready to cum get me pregnant?

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke