Let’s explore your impregnation fetish together . . . inside my fertile womb.

Your impregnation fetish makes sense to me. An attractive woman like myself, a genetically desirable male specimen like you: why wouldn’t we procreate??

I can’t wait to feel your seed growing inside me. Wanting to spread it, give it to me is only natural. You’re hardwired to get me pregnant.

I’ve always found something about pregnant women very sexy. That glow in their eyes, their beautiful curves are so alluring.

Over the years, I’ve had a few pregnant women friends tell me that their appetite for strange food combinations isn’t the only insatiable desire that accompanies pregnancy. Being pregnant made them horny all the time. What’s not to like about that?

Imagine the arousal pride you’ll feel while watching my belly stretch and swell. There are no limits to the naughty fun we can have during our hot phone sex call.

I want you to get me knocked up. We can do whatever it takes to make sure your little swimmers reach their destination. Of course, we’ll make sure to fuck constantly, especially while I’m ovulating. I want to feel your sperm flood my insides, feel myself getting pregnant. My pregnancy fantasy stars me and you, so obsessed with getting another raw load of cum deep in my hungry pussy everything else doesn’t even matter.

Cum show me how wrong I am about “not wanting to have kids.” I want to want to have your babies. Every night you’ll thrust inside my fertile cunt deeper while I beg you to keep me knocked up forever.

If you’re a discerning impregnation fetishist looking for a mature phone sex call, look no further. I’m the intelligent, sexy voice you’ve been dreaming of exploring your fantasy with!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke