Do you have an impregnation fantasy? 

I hope so, I have an impregnation fantasy where you fill me with all your baby-making batter.

I’ve always dreamed of being a mother, ever since I was a little girl! As a little girl, I always had a baby doll in my arms. I believe I was created to be a mother. I want to feel my belly grown and change as my womb fills with the life of my precious baby. As my breast grows heavy and full of milk I’ll be overjoyed knowing that soon it will be used to nourish a beautiful new life. To feel a mother’s joy when they first see their new baby, I can’t wait!

My dreams could all come true all I’m missing is a hot load of cum.

All I’m missing is a hot raw cock filling up my pussy, thrusting and exploding inside my fertile womb. I fantasize about having multiple daddies. One load of cum will never be enough for me! I want to be creamed inside over and over. You can give me that creampie I’ve been craving. Become my baby daddy and pound your thick rod into my cum hungry cunt. Call me a cum slut, pull my hair, spank my fat ass as you shoot your hot load inside of me.

Or maybe you want to worship my pussy. Trace your hands all over my body, kissing my lips and holding me close. You’ll taste my sweet pussy juices until you make me moan and cum on your mouth. Let me kiss your lips after you go down on me. I want to taste my nectar on your tongue as you slide your cock into me. Our bodies moving together as we make sweet love to one another. Confess your love as you fill my pussy with your sperm.

I want to have your babies, make me yours.

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