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You love watching me as I suck and fuck cock, especially BBC.   There’s something about the way that big black cock glides in and out that makes white men addicted.   So addicted that they can’t look away.  The thought of me sucking and fucking any cock drives you insane.

Teasing you, as I take your cock between my lips, telling you the details of how I licked around the tip and slowly down the long length of his cock. Unlike your small boy penis that doesn’t satisfy me.  I continue to describe his big black cock, as I humiliate you.  Your eyes never leave mine, as the details of my story heighten the intensity.

As a rule, I never suck small cocks.  I can’t resist the temptation of teasing you as I work your peanut cock in and out. As usual, the details of me sucking and fucking big black cock throws you over the edge.  Deep and hard I suck him! Soon it’s like you’ve died and gone to heaven. No matter how hard you try – you can’t look away.

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It drives you insane, as I compare your cock size to his. Teasing and humiliating you, making you feel even less of a man. You can’t help yourself – it turns you on. “Baby your little white cock doesn’t compare to the massive bull size cock slipping in and out of my pussy.” I whimper between thrusts of pleasure. I can’t get enough – I want more.

My chocolate lover invites a few of his friends over to join the fuck fest. You can’t believe your eyes, as they whip out their cocks. Therefore salivating with the anticipation of what’s to cum. Instead of looking away, you watch as I get fucked by each of the big black cocks. Each one bigger than the last and three times the size of yours. Nevertheless, ultimate dick humiliation at it’s best. Slowly I engulf a big fat black cock into my pussy, as one enters of my holes with the hopes of being the one to impregnate me.

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