Me and my fiancé played the game he makes me play when I’ve been bad last Saturday night. He caught me having a really intense phone sex call and decided there would be punishment for this. What he likes to do first is make me get dressed up really sexily, so I chose a tiny black latex dress that barely covers my 32G tits and is so short it only just covers the tops of my black stockings and suspenders. I chose a pair of 5 inch black stilettos which make my long, slim legs look amazing and make me over 6” tall. He then tells me to turn around and put my ass in the air, showing off my tight white asshole. He then takes his favorite dildo, an 8 inch black one with deep ridges all along it’s length and covers it in lube. He orders me to spread my pussy open and get ready for punishment which I do willingly, and he slowly slides the thick black rubber cock all the way into my cunt, until it’s inside me to it’s hilt. “Now your ass Geri. This is what happens when I catch you phone fucking.” He pushed me further forward over the sofa, exposing my asshole and dildo filled pussy even more. He roughly rubbed my butt with his thick lubed fingers and spat right onto my tiny rosebud hole. He reached down and picked up the butt plug he likes to use one me, a fat pink one shaped like a teardrop. I feel him position it on the entrance to my ass, and with no mercy he ferociously stabbed the plug deep into my wet asshole, making me yelp in pain. He leaned over me and pulled my face towards his “Can you feel that? All filled up just how you like it?” He whispers in my ear. “Yes…” I whimper, and I knew what was coming next. “Turn around” he told me, so I turned to face him. He produced a pair of tiny black panties with a remote controlled vibrator built in to the crotch. He bent down in front of me and slipped the panties around my ankles. He slid them up under my dress so that the mechanism of the vibrator was pushed snugly against my clit, then switched it on, making my knees feel weak as the strong vibration surged through my clit into my cunt, making me shudder with pleasure. “Ready for dinner?” He said, taking me by the hand and leading me to the car, my pussy and ass being stretched with every step I took. As I got in the car he turned the vibration up, making me have to hold the strap on the roof of the car and bite my lip to stop from screaming. He drove slowly to the restaurant, turning the vibration up and down intermittently, making me writhe in the seat in ecstasy, but every time I was about to have an incredibly intense orgasm he turned it off. By the time we got to the restaurant I felt like my legs were made of jelly. He led me through the door and to the desk where the host was waiting to greet us. My fiancé turned the dial up to the highest vibration and I almost screamed as the wave shot through my pussy, making me nearly fall down. I tried my best to keep it together as we made our way to the table, all the while he was turning the dial up and down slowly, and I could feel a huge orgasm forming deep in my now dripping pussy. I really tried to hold it in as the waiter handed me a menu, but I couldn’t control myself and came hard, feeling myself squirt and warm liquid push past the dildo inside me, running down my legs. I shuddered as I felt the waves of orgasm pass through me, and when I came to I was receiving a very strange look from the confused waiter and most of the other customers had turned to stare. I realized I must have made a lot of noise as I sheepishly looked around at the disgusted faces of the people sitting at the neighboring tables. “Erm, are you ok?” The waiter asked, and as I tried to answer that fucker turned the dial back up, making my words stick in my mouth and come out as a tortured moan instead. “She’s ok, I think she’s just having one of her funny turns, she gets them sometimes.” He said, looking at my with a devilish grin. “I should just take her home.” He threw the dial up to the highest notch again, and he practically had to carry me from the table to the door, my body pulsating as I came over and over again. We got outside and my pussy was so soaking wet the dildo had begun to slide out, I only just made it to the car before it fell out of my stretched, swollen cunt. “See, when you do things I don’t like I will humiliate you in public as punishment, you understand?” He asked me, putting the remote control into his pocket. “I’m sorry baby, I’m so embarrassed, I feel like I’m going to die of shame!” I said meekly, hanging my head. “Good.” He said, obviously pleased with the results of his sick little game. The thing I haven’t told my fiancé though, is that I actually love being humiliated in public, it turns me on so much that I masturbate for weeks afterwards thinking about having my pussy and asshole filled and coming in a public place. But I’m not going to tell him that, otherwise he’ll find a different form of punishment that I really don’t like! I’ll just let him think he’s torturing me…when really he’s driving me insane with pleasure! I love punishment!