Not every wife is lucky enough to have sexy father in law like mine. My husband’s dad, Henry, is such a huge flirt. The way he looks at me makes me weak in the knees. Though my husband is a good lover and great provider my greedy ass couldn’t help but notice that his dad is awfully HOT. Henry always looks at me like he wants to fuck my brains out and always slides his hand down my ass when he hugs me. Flirting with my father in law while my husband’s back was turn became my favorite pastime.

The flirting turned into pure lust and then one day when we had invited my father in law to dinner my husband got a call from work and had to leave. He said, “Hey, Dad,  why don’t you just stay here tonight and enjoy the meal that Genie cooked. Relax and just stay in our guest room. I’ll be back home late so don’t wait up for me.” He kissed me goodbye and and said, “Now Genie, make sure you make my dad feel right at home.” I nodded and said, “Of course I will, darling. He’s your father. Don’t worry I’ll take good care of him.” As soon as he was out the door Henry was behind me pressing his manhood against my ass. I knew tonight would be the night I would fuck his fat cock.

Henry ran his hands up my body slowly and squeezed my tits while grinding his big cock around and around the crack of my ass. He turned my around and pressed my body against the front door and laid a sloppy deep tongue kiss on me that made me so wet. He said , “Damn, Genie I want all of you. I’ve been wanting to fuck you ever since my son said ‘I do’ to your fine ass.” I said “Oh, Henry, you sexy devil….I’ve got to have you and that fat cock of yours. I want to fuck you too.”

Oh Henry
Oh Henry

The next thing I know our clothes were on the floor and so were we. My legs were spread wide open and Henry was sliding his fat long cock deep inside my pussy and pumping it and fucking me so damn good. He’s got a nice tight body for a man his age and the stamina of a 30 year old. He rolled over on his back placed me on top and I rode that fat cock like a cowgirl. It felt so good sliding up and down on his cock as he squeezed and sucked my titties. Then Henry turned me around and fucked me doggie style while slapping and rubbing my ass. He was fucking me so hard that my tits were bouncing up and down and slapping my chest in rhythm. I spread my legs wider so he could go deeper. And he did go deeper. He pulled his long hard cock out of my pussy and rammed it straight into my ass and fuck my ass so hard. I knew when he was about to cum when he moaned like a grizzly bear. Then he shot his creamy cum all over my butt cheeks and rubbed the gooey cum all over my body. We took a shower together to clean up but I couldn’t help sucking his cock while the water sprayed on our bodies. When my husband came home I was propped up in our bed like the perfect wife and not the slutty whore who just fucked his father.


Written by GENIE