I am the Anal Princess!

I really can’t get enough of anal phonesex. My ass is in constant need of attention and I require more than one partner to satisfy my desires. I guess you can say, I’m an anal princess… AND I LOVE IT.

My latest sexual adventure was to find a guy with a tiny cock that had never had anal sex before. Something about getting him all worked up with my hot body and slipping his pecker into my little hole really got me going. I went to the mall and found a short Asian guy trying on some shoes. I asked him if he would like to try me on and beckoned him to the dressing area…

Once I closed the door behind him, I could see his short dick already hard with anticipation. I pulled down his shorts to reveal a 3-inch cock rock hard and dripping with pre-cum. I pulled my 32-A’s out of my shirt and started playing with my nipples as I looked up at him. Then I instructed him to sit down on the stool and proceeded to lift my skirt and put my ass in his face.

“Play with my ass… I want you to grab it, spread it apart, lick it!”

He eagerly licked my asshole and buried his face in between my cheeks. I could tell this guy had little experience with anal play and it made me even more excited to see how happy it was making him. In between slurps, he muttered that he had never seen such a great ass, nor had he done anything like this before. Oh boy, he hadn’t seen anything yet!

I got down on all fours and told him to fuck my ass. With a big smile on his face, he pulled my ass apart to reveal my hole lubed up with his spit. He pushed the head of his dick into me and started hammering away at my butt as he had never fucked before. I moaned with excitement and he placed his hand over my mouth to muffle my cries and that made me explode in orgasm. This little cock really knew how I liked my anal sex, fast and hard.

He continued to pound away as his balls slapped my pussy with each thrust. My pussy throbbed in anticipation as he jammed his cock as deep as he could into my asshole. I could feel his balls starting to tighten and he kept saying he was close! He pulled my blonde hair and exploded in my ass, filling it up and letting it drip to the floor after he removed his dick. I laughed, pushed him on the ground, and walked out. THE ANAL PRINCESS STRIKES AGAIN!

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Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke