Hypnosis fetish — Crystal gets in your head.

I’m sure you’re curious about your hypnosis fetish so let’s get started.  You’re in an empty white room with seemingly no doors.  But there has to be one because you hear my voice calling to you over and over again.  You press your ear against the wall and walk in the direction my voice is loudest.  My soft voice gets louder and louder as you step along the wall until it’s at loudest.  You only apply a little pressure but the wall crumbles away like dust in the wind.

And now you’re on a beach…

You hear seagulls in the distance as the sun beams down on you and the warm air caresses your face.  No one else is around.  Only you and my voice.  What paradise.  You hear my voice tell you to take off all of your clothes, lay down, and relax.  Obediently, you do what you’re told, not caring that there is no towel.  The sun-warmed sand feels so pleasant against your flesh.  It seems to be cradling you.  Your body goes numb but you don’t mind.  It feels nice. That’s when you realize,

You’re sinking…

You feel yourself sinking further and further into the sand.  You try to move but your body hasn’t be released from its paralysis.  You look down and watch your chest and belly disappear.  You feel like this might be the end until you stop just short of your ears and nose.  My voice returns.

“Nothing’s going to happen to you while you’re on my watch.  I want you to realize that I am in complete control.  Do not fight it.  I will decide how far we go and what we discover.  I will keep you here as long as I wish.  You’re trapped and, believe me, you’re going to love every moment of it.”

Want to let go?  My phone sex line is waiting for you.