Between A Husband and Wife

I was laying on my couch on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Just relaxing in my favorite pair of panties and bra. As I laid there I decided to turn on some porn and have a little fun with myself. Just as I was about to cum there was a knock on my door. So I threw on my nearest jacket to cover myself and I got up to answer it. It was the people who go door to door spreading the word of God. Now I grew up going to private school all my life so I knew more about God than they did. But I figured I would invite the husband and wife in any way for some fun.

I asked them to have a seat on my couch and I went into the kitchen to make up some drinks. I did not ask them what they wanted. So I figured I could make them a nice strong drink and hope they will not say anything. It was a young man and his blushing new wife. She had dark brown hair and rosy flushed cheeks. She was very innocent and shy, I doubt she has ever had one good fuck in her entire life. Oh, and her husband, just as uptight.

I handed them their drink and they both made a face of disgust as they took a sip. They told me that they do not drink. I told them that they were guests in my house and it would be very rude of them not to take the drink. They both looked at each other and took another sip. I sat patiently as the husband read me a few Bible verses and prayed for my salvation. When he was finished he asked if I had any questions for him. I nodded my head yes.

Both of their drinks were almost empty, so I got up and refilled them. When I came back from the kitchen I had taken off my coat and was only in my bra and panties. I was still very horny, they did interrupt me during my playtime so I figured it was only fair for them to finish what I had started. Both of them were wide-eyed and in shock. They started to pack up their things and leave. But I sat them back down and started to run my hand up his wife’s skirt.

“Now,” I said, “What I want to know is; what does the Bible say about sexual pleasure between a man and a wife?”

“Well,” The husband said, “As long as it is between a husband and wife.”

I giggled, my hand was already up his wife’s skirt and I was caressing her wet cunt. “I better stay between you guys than shouldn’t I?”

His wife was moaning in pleasure and when I stuck my fingers inside of her soaking wet pussy she moaned even louder. I could see her husband’s cock growing large and hard in his pants. So I reached over and pulled it out and started to stroke it. I asked them if they have been trying to have children. They both said yes. Then I asked the husband if he has ever made his wife cum. He looked at me like a deer in the headlights. I don’t think he even knew women could cum.

I told him that when a man shoot’s his big load of cum into a girl’s pussy, it is more likely to get her pregnant if she is cumming. Then I let go of his cock and made him jerk himself off while he watched as I made his wife cum over and over again. Then I told him it was his turn. I laid next to his wife and opened up my legs wide. I told him that I was going to teach him how to make a woman cum. He started to take his fingers and run them against my pussy.

I told him not with his hands. He looked over at his wife as if to ask for her permission, but she was so overwhelmed by the pleasure that she could have cared less. So I let him stick his dick deep into my pussy and a few other places.

They came back to my house a few months later. She was glowing with a giant pregnant belly. All I have to say is that pregnant women fuck like freaks. Some of the best sex of my life.

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