When it’s done for my own pleasure, masturbation is quite different; however, this time I’m not doing it for my pleasure alone.

Currently, my masturbation is for both our pleasure, and it’s so much more erotic, wanton, and naughty.  I feel as though I’m in a hypnotic state where nothing else exists except the two of us.  Right now, I want to give you the best of me.

The pace of my masturbation is furious.  My eyes are closed and I’m mindless to everything except our pleasure.  I know you are watching me and pleasured by the fact your wife appears as a horny, insatiable bitch; a creature who is working her pussy and ass over for you and no one else.  This knowledge brings my pussy even closer to exploding.

When I can no longer taste my pussy’s juices on my fingers, I remove the dildo and again insert two fingers deep inside my wet cunt.  I continue rubbing my clit vigorously and feel everything inside of me stirring and straining for release.

My free hand pulls and twists my hard nipples until I feel pain.

I want you to see me from a different angle so I turn over and, facing down, I push my plugged ass up in the air.  You’re now focusing on my plugged ass in the mirror. I lean a little to the side so I can also see and enjoy the way my plugged asshole looks.

Even though my pussy is on fire, I can only describe the way I feel as heavenly!  My holes feel as if they were meant for only our pleasure.  My skin has goosebumps and I know I am close to exploding.  I feel my fingers tiring but I feel my pussy beginning to contract and I know I can’t stop or even slow my pace.  I’m not gentle as I shove my dildo back inside my greedy hole and I continue rubbing my clit.

You sense I’m at the edge and you move closer to stand over my body.  You’re stroking your cock at an unbelievable pace and I see your eyes roll back into your head.  I see how pleased you are at the show I, your slutty wife, am giving you pushes me over the edge.  My pussy explodes and I feel tremors all over my body.  I cum (for what feels like forever) and relish feeling the hot ropes of your cum shooting all over my tits and stomach.

My brain and body are no longer able to function.

Our mutual masturbation has made me smile, and my body feels motionless and relaxed.  I have no idea how long I stay like this but, as my senses gradually return, I feel weightless as you lift me into your arms.  You carry my spent, sweaty body into the bathroom – the setting where it all began – and set me down only long enough to pin up my hair and turn on the water.

Picking me up again, you carry me into the shower and begin to lovingly wash my entire body.  Once you’ve finished, you quickly wash yourself up, turn off the water, and wrap us both in towels.  You again lift me into your arms and walk back to our room, pull back the comforter, and deposit my body onto our bed.

As you remove my towel, my pussy immediately becomes wet and, knowing I now need to feel your cock inside me, I reach out and grasp your shaft.  I pull it and you towards me, wanting you to straddle my head and slide your cock inside my throat.

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