Hunger continues until it is fed.   As a result, feeding is all that’s on my mind.  I’m not one to mince words, and typically I don’t ASK for what I need.   I take life by the ballz. Then hold them until you’re begging for me to stop, which of course, I won’t! Most noteworthy, I don’t ask. I TAKE what I desire most.  What’s the good in sitting around waiting for life to just hand you something?  There IS no good in that, I tell you!

My hunger CUMS in many forms, as a matter of fact, it runs unabated, unchecked, unprovoked and CUMpletely unquenched.  In the same fashion as a junkie needs his quick fix, I need SEX. And it really doesn’t matter from whom I take it.  So, when the older man peeked his balding head beneath the curtain to the back room, my pussy gushed; and I had to pounce before my aunt returned. As he poked his head through, I grabbed him by the ears and began my education!

His eager hands found the edges of my cotton panties and probed further with his fingers.  Our moans filled the little shop of delights and we BOTH CAME in a flood of desire.  We lay on the textiles my aunt had purchased and languished in the sweet wetness of one another. The bell atop the entry door rang and I scrambled to cover myself before my aunt got to the back. Too late! She poked her head in, took one look at the two of us and laughed! She knows me well! We cleaned the office and skulked out the backdoor.  Some say, getting caught doesn’t feed the hunger? It most certainly does!

Want a lazy afternoon fuck?