Being His Humiliatrix: Part 2

Time to give you the rest of the story on how this sexy Humiliatrix helped her Dom punish His EX-girlfriend! If you missed Part 1, catch up and Read Part 1 Here. Now that you’re all caught up, let’s join this high society bitch’s humiliation, already in progress!

When she emerged from the bedroom, completely nude as I had ordered, I smiled momentarily. She kept glancing at him, hoping to get just an instant of attention- but none came. My soft laugh made tears of anger and frustration well up in her eyes. I snapped, “He’s not here for YOU, fuck toy. Get over here, on your knees in front of your MISTRESS.” Her jaw tightened as she began to walk. I met her in 3 long strides, pushing her down, making her stumble to her knees. “I didn’t say WALK like a human, slut. CRAWL like the 4-legged mongrel bitch that we ALL know you are”.

With that I dragged her, until she was on her knees, in the floor, in front of her former Master. I looked at Him intently for a moment, and as this piece of trash watched, He gave ME His eye contact. I leaned in over his paper, pressed my lips to his softly; intimately, as he handed me something behind the newspaper. Smiling, I produced a black studded dog collar, and bent down to her level, pulling it roughly around her delicate neck and strapping it in place – one cinch hole too tight. 🙂

 The collar had a steel hook. I slid my finger into it and jerked hard, making her lose balance.

I laughed cruelly as I watched her crash to the floor. Just as she righted herself, I jerked again, dragging her, flailing ungracefully, into the kitchen. I yanked her up to her feet in front of the kitchen sink, and I could see the confusion on her face. I jerked her collar again as her eyes strayed his way, making her gag momentarily from the pressure against her throat.

“Eyes FRONT, bitch. We are going to discuss your mouth. You have told SO many lies about Him. I think what your nasty mouth needs is a good washing out!” With that, I pulled a fresh bar of Dial soap out of a drawer.  I hissed at her, in a gleeful voice, “Open your mouth, slut! Your Humiliatrix has a special present for you! You’re SO pathetically desperate for his attention, I know you’ll do what I order you to. OPEN. NOW.

Obediently, her mouth opened, and I forcefully shoved that bar of soap into her nasty little suck hole.

She gagged and tried to back up, but to no avail. Laughing, I pulled her head back by her long hair and began to fuck her filthy mouth with that strong, perfumy bar of soap! She tried to speak, but unfortunately for her, it’s difficult to talk through a thick bar of soap wedged into your mouth all the way to your tonsils.  Behind us, I heard a low, pleased chuckle, yet when I turned around to look at him, his eyes were busily on his paper, reading. I held her by the hair so tightly that tears welled in her eyes again, speaking low, and close to her face. “NOW. When I take this bar of soap out, DO. NOT. SPIT.

Another chuckle issued forth from behind the newspaper as i jerked her back down to her knees and forced her to crawl back to kneeling position in front of Him.

I laughed unkindly and shoved her to the side, making her watch as my hands fondled her former Master’s cock through his pants. I smiled because it was hard, meaning that he was pleased with this performance. Then I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, hearing a gasp from next to me as I gently freed his cock and lovingly caressed it. I looked over at her, smiling, his cock in my hands. “You’re going to get a lesson in how to keep your humiliatrix happy, cunt.” I crawled up close between his legs and ordered her harshly to hold my hair back while I attended to her former owner’s aching hardness with my expert mouth and tongue.

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