Humiliation Stinkface proceed with Caution!!! If you don’t know by now – I’m a dominant female and the world is my playground.  Tonight was no different than any other night.  As I stood in front of the mirror in the locker room, adjusting my gear and putting my makeup on, I turn around and admired how good my ass looked!! “Tonight, the other girl’s face is going right up this booty!” I said to myself, flashing a devious smile and giving my moneymaker a playful slap.

Nevertheless, in a perfect world, I’m a professional wrestler. It’s a fun gig, getting to perform in front of a live audience and beating girls up. As a pro wrestler, I’m not ACTUALLY trying to hurt these girls, I just want to humiliate them. We’re all just working together to put on a fun show for the audience. (Wicked LiL Laugh) So they think!!!  However, I know what people really want to see out of us female wrestlers. Lots of flashing of Tits and Ass.

While most of the other women in the back recoil at the sound of that, I personally relish it. I know I’m hot, I also know I can kick a lot of ass too. So why wouldn’t I want to show everyone why all the girls want to be me, (Yes I said it!!! How do you like me now??) while also demonstrating why all the guys want to be with me? Better hold on to your boyfriend – I’m coming for him!

Stinkface Humiliation Smothering – I’m the One Incharge

I also have a bit of a humiliation kink. Okay, that’s an understatement.  (Wicked LiL Smile)  I have a massive humiliation kink. Thankfully I get to scratch my itch almost every single week when I’m in the ring, especially against Jobbers. What are Jobbers you ask? Jobbers are girls that are hired for one night to make us full-timers look really good on TV. Most Jobbers are local girls just happy to be on TV. Think of them like rookies or interns for the Humiliation Stinkface.  Yes, My personal Ass Worship little fucks like you. Those are the girls I love to wrestle with. Why? Because I get to absolutely humiliate them, and they can’t do a damn thing about it!

What’s my favorite form of humiliation? It’s a little thing I like to call Humiliation Stinkface. A stink face is when I have my opponent sitting down in the corner of the ring with her head resting up against the bottom turnbuckle. She thinks she’s getting a chance to rest…no she’s getting a face full of my beautiful booty! I look out at the crowd with a big smile on my face, they already know what’s coming. I hike up my already skimpy gear into a makeshift thong, letting my cheeks out on full display.

 The Fun is Just Beginning of my Stinkface Humilation……

Without warning… I plop my ass down onto their face and begin to slowly grind it back and forth, making sure their face is buried in there nice and good. There’s no better feeling in the world than having some poor little girl squirm underneath you as you continue to wipe your sweaty ass all over her face.  Perfect Humiliation Stinkface for any little bitch. And oh boy do I work up quite a sweat in that ring…

Think about how humiliating that must be for that poor girl right? She’s probably in one of her first matches ever, probably her first time ever on TV, probably has all of her friends and family watching, and now she’s getting a face full of my sweaty ass…god what a turn on right?!

Sometimes if I’m in the mood, I’ll even make sure I got a nice little mid-match snack ready for this girl. Oh yeah, there’s nothing quite like chowing down on some McDonald’s or Taco Bell a few hours before the show, knowing that some poor girl is going to be getting some leftovers out in the ring. Sweaty ass and farting….What a perfect combination for total humiliation.

Never Forget Who Is Incharge of You

The fans love it too. They cheer me on as I dominate and humiliate my opponent. I make sure to always look out at the crowd and look for guys taking photographs of my favorite maneuver. “Cheese!” I say, with a big phony smile on my face, while sometimes cutting it right in another girl’s face. I love Humiliation Stinkface 24-7.

Furthermore getting up and turning around to watch my opponent, coughing and gagging on all fours as they crawl out of the corner, is always a treat. Sometimes I even make them cry. It doesn’t take much after that to defeat them, after all, I’ve already broken their spirit. I give them a piledriver, dropping them on their head and knocking them out, putting them out of their misery temporarily. I could just pin them normally, but what’s the fun in that when their face makes such a comfy seat cushion? So I drop to my knees and sit on their face, all while the referee counts the 1-2-3.

Ready to join My Stinkface Humiliation Smothering Pleasure?

Furthermore, it brings me so much joy to have utterly humiliated this girl, completely degraded her in front of the whole world. She will forever be known as someone who took a big juicy Humiliation Stinkface from Raven, the best women’s wrestler in the world. I own her. The only thing she can take solace in is that she’s not the first jobber I’ve ever made worship my ass…and she certainly won’t be the last.

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I’m waiting for you…..and ONLY you!!!

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