I love you pathetic little fuckers. 🙂
You make being good at the fine art of humiliation SO easy for me!

You tell me all your dirty little secrets. That you like to sniff panties; steal panties; wear panties! You’re too chicken to do anything about it, but you want to get down on your knees and suck stud dick like a good little twink boy! You confide in me about what a silly little loser you are; what a tiny dick you have; how your wife makes every excuse in the book not to fuck you (but you can be sure she’s getting it from SOMEONE!

We both know that, more than likely when she says she’s going out for coffee with her girlfriends? She’s really sucking and fucking some hot muscular stud with a monster cock! Then coming home with the taste of his cum in her mouth and giving you a big. fat. KISS); or how predictably, your latest girlfriend dumped you and is now flaunting an engagement ring around town, gabbing to everyone about how she’s SO happy to have finally found a REAL man!

Then? I take all your dirty perverted and embarrassing confessions – and use every single one of them to humiliate you until you throw yourself at my feet and beg for mercy! 

That’s right. Not only are you a loser in REAL life. But then you call me up and pay good money to TELL me what a loser you are! That makes you a loser twice! It’s hard to be as supremely pathetic as you are, but YOU make it look easy! I laugh every time I get an email from you in my inbox, because I know that, being the greedy little humiliation junkie you are?

You’re going to beg for a reply; beg for a picture; beg for a task; ANY little scrap of attention you can get from me. And then when I ignore you completely? Your cock (if that’s what you want to call that tiny little nub – it looks more like a clit to me!) is just going to get harder. Knowing you, you’ll shoot a load of cum in your pants just thinking about how I’m sitting over here mocking you as I read; laughing because I know you’re DESPERATE for my attention – and you’re not going to get it.

You love my humiliation – but it hurts, at the same time.

You look forward to talking to me? But, in the minutes before you dial my number, your hands are shaking. Your stomach is churning. You’re dreading my verbal abuse and relentless insight; you’re wondering how far I’m going to push the limits today… but at the same time your cock is standing up hard – just aching to find out! Nothing makes you harder or more desperate to cum than my cock control, my MIND control, and my playful yet vicious intellectual humiliation. I’m your biggest fear AND your biggest fantasy. You KNOW that I understand all your dirty little idosyncrasies inside and out; and that at any given moment, I can DESTROY you with them – if I choose to.

The thought makes your heart pound – and your cock throb. 
Call me and find out how far your sexy, cold-hearted Humiliatrix feels like pushing you today.

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