It is true, I love to humiliate and abuse you pay pig. As a Humiliation Control Goddess, I use your dirtiest secrets to control and manipulate you. Therefore, I dig into your mind, finding what makes you weak. This process makes my pussy tingle way inside my body. The power I feel as we journey into your brain is fucking amazing.

I don’t just go for current affairs, we go back to the beginning of time to find the tiniest of moments that shaped you. What moments make you the waste you are? Did Daddy not give you enough attention to guide you to be a real man like him? Maybe, Mommy was too “close” to you and it fucked you up inside? Above all, I enjoy learning everything about you.

This is why I love being a Humiliation Control Goddess!

It is all about using my skills. Pushing the right buttons to open your memories, pulling out the really bad ones. Consequently, it is painful, for you, and sexy fun for me! Furthermore, I am that bitch that makes your life unbearable at times. You are falling in love with me, in love with the damage I do to you. Addiction to my control is inevitable.

There are many things make me this wet. I am a naughty humiliation control goddess that loves so many things sexually. My list is too big to put on paper baby, and I am happy with that! I know that it makes me a kickass phone sex operator. I provide amazing sessions to all my callers. Using experience, imagination, and intelligence.

Many are good, but I am great!

My voice will touch your soul. Sing you to sleep at night and wake you up in the morning. Ringing in your head the conversation we discussed in our last session. When you fuck up, you will hear me telling you what a fucking loser you are. I plant my voice inside your mind for continued humiliation long after our sessions. I love torturing you when we are apart!

The tools I use and the skills I have are amazing. I have taken the time to hone those skills to make your life as miserable as I possibly can. This humiliation control Goddess knows what you need and goes above and beyond to provide it. I adore my job and all that it entails. Therefore, I take the necessary steps to be well educated in my field. Knowing little secrets that others may not know how to use providing hot phone sex for all.

Do you crave someone really harsh to punish you?

I have no qualms with intense torture and punishment. Physically or mentally, it is all good with me. The nice part about mental torture is the long repercussions. What I do today will be with you forever. Consequently, you will always remember my cruel words and how I crushed you with them. I use them to cut you deep inside, leaving not only your mind, but your soul is broken too!

This gift I give requires full participation and willingness. Therefore, you commit to me and my will. As I use the tools I have to bring you to your feet. Metaphorically and physically. The mental side of our games is my favorite. The power of words is fucking awesome and the fact that I can find and use all your little issues to my benefit is so cool.

It helps this Humiliation Control Goddess that you are such a failure!

As we get to know each other and I find your weakest spots, the sessions grow in intensity. My goal is to make sure you are truly brought down to your knees, bowing at my feet for more. That moment makes my perfect little cunt drip with excitement. When you are finally at your bottom and I have completely broken your will. Once we are here, the world is our oyster.

Together we can find all the at is painful for you, and enjoyable for me. Equally serving us both, while giving us full sexual pleasure. If you have an Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Short DickI will use it to the fullest as well! There is a fine balance and I pride myself on being able to get that point. Consequently, getting there will be full of pain and torture for you! Ready to start the journey?