I have a thing with Alex, he’s a Cuckold loser who knows no real woman would ever want him so he tortures himself by letting his “girlfriend” fuck other guys while he watches.

My Cuckold keeps himself in chastity and right now I have the keys to it. He’s had no dick action for three weeks and I thought it would be fun to get laid while he sat there horny and hopeless. He was so excited when he came over that my inner bitch came flying out and I decided to humiliate him before getting to the fun stuff. Half an hour before Sean, my fuck toy for the night showed up I made Alex get naked. This was going to make a great sissy cuckold sex story.

 His little Cuckold dick was locked up in a clear cage.  I tapped it with my finger then gave his balls a squeeze. They felt so full and heavy and they were going to stay like that for a while. I asked him if he was looking forward to tonight and he talked to me while I went to my closet.

I pulled out a skirt that was a bit big on me and a bra then gave them to him.

Staring at them, I told him to put them on. He didn’t want to so I threatened him with another month of chastity. He couldn’t stand that and put the bra on then squeezed into the skirt.

 I stuffed the bra with tissues then made his face pretty by covering it in makeup. The doorbell rang and I let Alex in. I took him to the bedroom and showed off Sean, calling him a pretty princess and a virgin. Alex laughed at him and snapped his bra straps while I got naked then went to work on him.

Sean watched as I stripped off his clothes and grabbed his dick, stroking it as I pressed my body against his. We kissed and I knew Sean was dying to get involved as I moaned. I wanted him to get a good look at what he couldn’t have so I let go of Alex and pushed Sean onto his back.

 I then got on the bed, kneeling by his side and pushed Alex to his other side.

Poor Sean was between us, looking back and forth between Alex’s rock hard dick and my sexy body.

I put my hands on his stomach and leaned forward, licking my lips as Alex reached for me. He held the back of my head as I stuck my tongue out and slid it over his dick, going over the head and down the shaft.

 Sean’s muscles tightened as I pressed down on him and I opened my mouth wide as I closed it around Alex’s dick. I slid down slowly, swallowing him inch by inch as Sean watched and relaxed my throat. I breathed through my nose as I started sucking him off, going smoothly up and down as my massaged his dick.

My nails dug into Sean and my tits brushed over him as I gradually went faster, moaning around Alex’s dick. He pulled on my hair and shoved himself forward, choking me and making me gag but I kept going. I could feel him throbbing against my tongue and he groaned as he said he was about to cum.

 It clogged up my throat and dribbled down my chin as he exploded in me. I tried to keep as much of it in my mouth as I could. When he pulled out I went up to Sean’s face. I opened his mouth and spit it into him so my Cuckold could feel included.

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