So, I get lots of calls from guys starting out asking “Okay, so, how does this work?” And it’s usually their first time calling a phone sex line for some adult chat. They’re so nervous and horny and just didn’t have time to read anything. Well, here is a little guide for you in the future if you have never called for phone sex. Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle. 😉


You’re searching through Google for the perfect phone sex line. You look for “the best phone sex,” “cheap phone sex,” “adult chat,” “kinky, taboo, no limits,” etc. The list can go on! And, you see us, Phone Sex Kingdom. You click through to see who is online and you see a plethora of incredibly sexy women. You imagine what all of our voices sound like and how well we can get you off. You scroll through the gorgeous faces and bodies and finally settle on the girl you want after reading her bio.

But! You are nervous! Sweaty palms, a sense of anxiety and curiosity wash over you. “Will someone find out?! Will they make fun of me?! What if she doesn’t like what I want?! Is my card safe?!” Okay, stop thinking that! We here at Phone Sex Kingdom offer the best phone sex you will have. And we stand by our statement! We don’t judge, we are discreet and will never put you in danger. We have made sure that you stay completely safe.

Yes, it is scary giving an unknown person your info but, we guarantee here at PSK that you are safe from anyone taking your info and using it in an awful way. We all LOVE our job and want to keep it so think about if you were in our position. Would you lose a great job over some money and go to prison? Nope! We love it here and want to make sure that YOU are COMPLETELY satisfied and happy. So, don’t worry about your information, baby! We keep it safe and love you all too much to hurt you like that. 😉 We are also VERY DISCREET. We show up on your bill as S&D Design and that is it. Nothing scary about that, at all.

Now, that you are at ease about your money, what about your kinks and how we feel about them? Rest assured that we love what you want to talk about. Even if we are virgins to the subject! If you want to fuck me in the ass then please do! If you want me to spank you, then PLEASE, bend over and let me take you on a little ride! Or maybe you love feet, or want to be the size of an ant, or maybe you like scat or bathroom fun. We aren’t afraid of anything, babe! We are happy to try anything once.. or 9 times. Don’t think for a moment that you won’t find a girl who loves what you love.

Will we make fun of you? Only if you want us to. We aren’t here to judge! We love this job and are just as horny as you are. Believe me, no one will be making fun of you. We just want to get off as much as you do and need to make sure that you are satisfied and happy with your service. If the girl you talk to isn’t good at what you ask for, don’t worry! She will recommend another girl to you and you will be taken care of. We are here to talk to you, be your private fuck buddy, listen to you jerk off, listen to your confessions, and make any fantasy cum true.

So, if you want some of the best phone sex, I can help you out! I am known as Bad Girl Bailey and know how to get down and dirty!