How To Have Sex…..Guiding you in the right direction

Anyone can have sex….stick your dick in a hole – mouth, pussy or ass. Squirt your load mission cumplete.   Having sex the “Right” way is an art.  You need to start first by learning how to please yourself. Next step learning to please your partner.  The perfect symphony of body slamming sex. The best way to learn is with guided masturbation.  Let’s explore the best way How To Have Sex together….you won’t be disappointed.

This is one of my favorite calls…instructing you how to touch yourself. I want you to start stroking yourself for me.  You know what you like you’ve been doing it for years. There are so many fetishes we can explore, as we explore each other. Imagine as I start playing with my pussy and telling you how I’m doing it. I enjoy instructing men how to touch themselves with a JOI Jerk off Instruction. Touch yourself. Stroke yourself. You know what you like. Once you know what you like – relay it to your partner.  Remember she is not a mind reader.

The other day one of my special callers and I explored How To Have Sex the right way with a new partner. Kissing, touching and licking – everything plays an important role.  Let’s understand this – there is no right way or wrong way to have sex.   “If It Feels Good Do It,” as long as it is good for BOTH you. Yes, we all have our selfish moments. This is not the time to be selfish. The curb and masturbating are NOT fun.  Give into your partner’s needs.  In the out-cum it will be better for both of you.

My caller was rather pleased, as I pushed his buttons.He learned the ins and outs of How To Have Sex alone and his partner.  Everyone has different needs.

Let’s explore your expectations of How To Have Sex with your partner.

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Let me guide you in a direction you never imagined! My sultry voice will capture you and keep you coming back for more.  No worries I will make it as pleasurable as possible.  Remember it’s ALL about pushing outside your comfort zone!  Let’s explore your fetish together.  The opportunities are endless. Let me trigger your inner XXX pleasures. Always remember – Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination. Call me and Let’s cum together. I’m waiting for you now.

How To Have Sex