Before I leave for much needed long weekend of fun I wanted to leave you with a little tease to leave you burning and yearning for me all weekend long. I’m not gonna give that cock relief so easily, your going to have to earn it. Read on for your instructions…

First off I want you to think about me, about my hot body. I want you to envision touching my silky smooth skin, caressing it, trailing your fingers over it. How badly do you want to brush those fingers over nipples? To squeeze and knead at my perfectly portioned tits, how badly do you want to feel them fill up your hands?

I bet you want to go lower, to trail your mouth down to my core and take a nice slow drag over my pussy, can you imagine what I taste like? I could tell you but i’m not going to because I want you to think about every single inch of my body.

I want you to wonder about how I sound when i’m moaning in pleasure and how it’s gonna feel when I touch you, when I give you my complete and undivided attention.

I want you to think about how your going to turn me on because your going to need to turn me on, how your going to get me to let you hear my sweet core dripping wet.

I want you to take your hand off that cock like a good boy and wait until Monday when you can call me and have all that pent up frustration unload, I want your balls to be full and every single part of you aching for me.

I’ll see you monday



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