My boyfriend John for the last  few months has gotten very boring in the bedroom.   For a couple of weeks now John told me he planned a special night for us.  I am guessing because he knew that he was starting to lose my attention, boring the fuck out my pussy.

We went out dancing then back to hotel for the night. John fill the bathtub with bubbles and told me to relax while he got the next surprise ready. I  soaked in the tub for a while then John came in and dried me off.  He put a blindfold on me and took me by the hand and led me to the bed.

He laid  me on my back  as he started to kiss me. He told me I was really going enjoy  this.  All the sudden I felt someone sucking and licking my tits and working their way down to my nice wet pussy. I  thought to myself this was great because our sex life had been not so good. John pulled my legs apart and buried his face in my pussy. Then he said he had a surprise for me and took off my blindfold.

A mystery man stood there looking at  my naked body he was tall dark and handsome John said don’t talk just enjoy so I did.  The mystery man then started sucking on my nipples while John was licking my pussy.  It all felt so good!  Then John flipped  me over  on my stomach and stood in front of  me sticking  his hard cock in my  mouth.

Mystery man  got behind me and slammed his rock hard cock in my tight little snatch making every part of my body tingle.  I couldn’t help it, his cock was so big.  It felt so amazing.  I didn’t want to cum yet.  Mystery man was going to make me cum all over that giant cock of his.  He pulled out right before he did.  Making me hop on Johns dick so John could finish the job.  I was so wrapped up in my pussy getting off, I barely even noticed that the mystery man was forcing his cock in Johns mouth.  Then I here the man grown.  He blew his load all over John’s face.  I laughed, I did.  I thought it was funny.

I got off the dick and looked at him for a minute.  I even snapped a pic with my cell.  The mystery man came over and whispered in my ear.   I will fluff your pillows now if you would like.   I had no idea what he was talking about.  I was thinking to myself.  You just did HAHA!

I went into the bathroom, cleaned myself up, put some clothes on and came back to the room.  To my surprise, the bed was made, the pillows for fluffed.  The room was spotless.  John came back with a bucket of ice.  I asked where the mystery man went.  He said he had to go clean other rooms.