All A Girl Really Wants Is A Hotel Fuck

I love staying at a hotel. There are always amazing people to meet, excellent food to order, and comfy beds to be broken in. In other words, there is always a good time to be had! While staying at a hotel I decided to take an evening stroll by myself down to the bar. I was wearing a stunning blue dress that hugged the curves of my body tightly. Likewise, I had a pair of black heels that accentuated my long legs and pushed my perfect ass high up into the air. After taking my place at a stool at the bar, I ordered myself a drink and tipped the bartender nicely. 


It doesn’t take very long for me to attract the attention of a few guys at the bar. They order drinks, and I take turns conversating with each of them. However, none of them are piquing my interest very much. So I decide to make my way back up to my room. Once safely inside, I strip down from my beautiful dress to more comfortable night attire. I change into a sexy purple thong panty and push up bra set, complete with a matching silk robe. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I begin to lotion my legs when I hear a loud noise coming from the door. 

Dreaming Of A Hotel Fuck, Who Knew Fate Had Special Delivery


Startling me, I look up as the commotion is continuing to echo through my room. Someone was trying to enter. However, their key clearly was not working. I finished applying the product to my fine stems and walked towards the door. Grabbing my drink and opening it to reveal a rather intoxicated man on the other side. He took his time as he was looking me up and down. My beautiful robe was exposing my sexy scandalously clad body to him. He was very handsome, but he is also clearly married. Judging by the thick fold band on his ring finger. 



He is obviously lost and having trouble remembering his room number. However, it seems that fate is bringing my good time to me. Without hesitating and perhaps with a little coaxing of his little man in his pants, he enters my room. After closing the door behind him, I grab his hand and lead his way over to a chair, passing him my drink. He smiles at me as I put on some music and climb up to his lap. I let my robe go, allowing it to fall to the ground at our feet. Slowly I begin to grind on his lap, my panties pushing against my perfect camel toe. 

Hotel Fuck Finish, Married Or Not


As I continue to work him up with a lap dance, I reach behind me and unclasp my bra. Squeezing my tits, I push them against his face. Even over his pants, I can feel his cock perking up with excitement. I reach between the two of us and unzip his fly. Then, I reach inside and grab hold of his cock. He pulled it out for me to stroke. His cock fits perfectly in my hand. Girthy and throbbing, I stroke up every inch of him till I slide down to the floor between his legs. As I plant a kiss on top of his head, he groans. It is hard for me to hold back my devious smirk as I give him a sensual blowjob.


Although he is really drunk, his dick is rock hard as it pushes into the back of my throat. I suck his cock shortly before we are heading to my bed for a hot hotel fucking. After all, this night would not be complete without a full cunt. His cock feels impressive as I ride up and down his throbbing member. He grabs hold of my waist, directing my speed till he is craving to fuck me faster. Then, he flips me over doggy style and stuffs himself deep inside of me. I whimper loudly as he fucks me hard with every inch of his throbbing hard cock till he explodes deep inside of me. 


Hotel Fuck Gets A 5 Star Rating


However, that was when we hear a rather loud thud and shouting coming from the room next door. An angry woman is yelling on the telephone, “I don’t know where my husband is, he said he was coming upstairs!” The two of us look at each other out of breath, and then he realizes that it is his wife. He was in the wrong room, after all. Quickly he jumps out of bed and begins dressing before darting out the door and into his correct room.

The morning after my hot hotel, fuck, I am checking out of the hotel. I run into the sober man and his wife. She is still yapping at him like an untrained chihuahua about his disappearance the night before. I start to feel bad for the man and the nights of terrible sex ahead of him. I secretly slip a note into his pocket, telling him to call me for hot phone sex.