Hot Young Masseuse

I had been giving massages for free for years. It is one of my favorite ways to warm up a man before we fuck or soothe him after. When I heard about sexy massage parlors, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to rub my hands all over men and make some money at the same time. I took a job as a hot young masseuse and started oiling up and pleasuring men on the daily. I am most popular for my happy ending massage. Every man comes back for more!

All Inclusive Experience

The experience is all inclusive. When you walk into my massage room, you are greeted by me, a hot young masseuse in a pink silk robe. All of your stress is left at the door and you aren’t required to do any of the heavy lifting. I even undress you! My soft hands will strip you of your shirt, your pants, and your briefs. By this point, a lot of my clients are already excited, but I like to take my time.

Deep Tissue Massage

I will have you lay flat on your stomach to start. Once the oils are heated up, I pour a generous amount onto your shoulders and back. You’ll be surprised that a little thing like myself can dig so deep into those muscles of yours. Just take a deep breath and relax as I relieve you of all of your tensions.

When I have finished with your back, I will have you turn over so that I can work on your chest. This is the favorite part for most because once you have settled on your backside, I strip out of my robe and join you completely naked. The sight of your hot young masseuse will make your cock stand stiff and hard. I’ll take my seat on top of your thighs and start to pour the oil all over your bare chest. At first, I will use my hands to work the oil in and massage your pectoral muscles. Upon request, I will use my small perky tits to rub in the leftover oil.

Happy Ending Massage

As my tits press into your chest, your cock will grind against my thighs and pussy lips. When I can noticeably feel you throbbing beneath me, I prepare to give you your happy-ending massage. I work my oiled-up tits down to your stomach until I am hovering above your dick. At this point, you must give your hot young masseuse the nod of consent. Then I will wrap my tits around your cock and stroke you up towards my mouth.

Sometimes, the happy ending is just that. A simple tit job can satisfy a trigger-happy cock. But, for a little more money, I will never turn down giving a blowjob. Everyone knows how much I love to suck dick! Sloppy wet blowjobs are my favorite! After I suck cock, I usually get pretty excited. If you’re the lucky man underneath me when my pussy starts to tingle, then I might just climb back up your body and give you the royal treatment. A hot oiled fuck session is the perfect release for me and you. After one time with your hot young masseuse, you’ll be begging to fuck me every day.

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