Hot and Wet Pool Boy

It was a hot summer day. I was laying on a pool chair, soaking up some sun. It was on a Thursday and that is the day when my pool boy would come over. He was kind of nerdy, but sexy nonetheless. He seemed very innocent. His parents made him get a summer job to start saving up to get his own place. Boy, was I glad they did? He had a key to my back gate, so he could come in without disturbing me. I had my eye on him for a while. I was just waiting for the right time to make my move. 

As I was laying back on the chair, I slipped my headphones on and turned my music way up. I was not going to let this beautiful day go to waste. I then felt a shadow cast itself over me, so I opened my eyes. It was my pool boy. Tall and very tan from the summer heat. His body had really toned up over the summer. He had dark soft hair that shimmered in the light and a smile that was brighter than the sun.

“Excuse me, Miss, I am here to clean your pool.” He said in a sweet voice.

I smiled and told him to go right ahead. He began to clean my pool, bending down to get his cleaning tools. I watched at the sweat dripping off his forehead. He worked very hard for me. The heat must to gotten to him because he took off his shirt and used it to wipe the sweat off of his face. His body glistened in the sun. I could not help but watch his every move.

I started to get really turned on. My nipples started to get too hard and you could clearly see them through my tiny bikini top. He would glance over at me every now and then, I could see him smile each time. I then sat up, looked him straight in the eyes, and started to untie my top. He turned around and his eyes grew wide.

I just giggled and said, “I don’t like tan lines.” Then grabbed my sun tan lotion.

His cock started to bulge in his pants as I was rubbing sun tan lotion all over my body. I smiled and asked for his help. He gladly came over to help me. I figured he helped me so it was my turn to help him. I started to caress his cock outside of his swim trunks. Then I reached in and pulled it out. He just tilt his head back and took it. Enjoying every second of it.

I got his cock hard and throbbing. I pulled down my panties and told him to eat me out, He gladly put his head between my legs and started to suck on my sweet clit. Then I threw my hands back and grabbed onto the top of the pool chair, moaning in pleasure. Just as he was about to put his dick inside my sweet tight pussy his father came through the gate.

We both looked up in shock. His father stepped toward us and started to caress my body. All I have to say is that I gave him a very big tip that day for cleaning my…pool.

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