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“Is your door locked?” I ask as I start taking my top off, over my head, exposing my erected pink nipples.

His jaw drops and he tells me that he can’t do this stuff with me. Meanwhile, his cock is standing straight up through his pants. “Are you sure? You said you needed help and your dick in your pants tells me otherwise!” He looks down and can feel the blood rushing to his head. I can tell he is engorged. After stripping my panties and shorts off, I drop down to my hands and knees. “Let’s unleash this beast that is struggling to break out. I promise I won’t tell anyone.” My pussy is soaked just thinking about this hot teacher sex that I am going to have! Finally, I break his cock out of his pants. He is so huge! He has the biggest dick I have ever seen! My mouth eagerly wraps around his swollen mushroom head.

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He finally relaxes and lets me do my thing. I lick and suck all the way from the base of his cock to the tip of his dick head. I can barely fit him in my mouth. His thickness is out of this world. Without hesitation, he picks up my body and puts me on his desk. My legs are spread open and he starts to lick and lap up my wetness. Oh my gosh! He is just making me even wetter, now this is hot teacher sex. My pussy is so slippery for him. I did not expect his long wet tongue to explore my bald wet pussy. He is going to make me squirt! “Oh gosh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” He licks faster and rougher at my little button. His finger is going in and out of my pussy, trying to stretch me open.

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Finally, he stands up and puts his cock head up against my pussy hole. “Are you ready? It’s only going to hurt for a second.” I look up at him and nod my head up and down. I’m so ready for that thick cock. I scream out and moan for him as my pussy stretches around his girth. We both look down and see his cock slowly pushing all the way inside of me! I did not expect for my pussy to stretch open this wide. He is surprising me with this hot teacher sex.

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