Hot Tag Team Sex with Mom and Daughter, an adventure no man would ever forget, It was early Labor Day Weekend when Mom ran into my ex-boyfriend, Tom.  It was as if it was yesterday – My mind wander back to the way he use to undress my Mom with his eyes.

One evening my Mom and I plotted an evening of tag team sex that would drive any man crazy.  I mentioned to my Mom how Tom would tell me. Your mom is a knockout for her age.  All in all, he acted like a hungry schoolboy whenever he was around my Mom.  In short like a teenage boy he would gaze at her a little too long and have a throbbing cock that didn’t go down for hours.

Needless to say, his fantasy would soon come true when my mother suggested a threesome.

Mom had a pretty smoking body.  People used to think we were sisters. (Imagine two of me – any man would lose his mind) Often Tom would ask a lot of questions about my Mom and me. Do we ever shower together? Have I ever wanted to touch her pussy? I would always laugh his questions off and pay him no mind.

One afternoon my Mom come back from brunch and I could tell she was a little tipsy. She actually started teasing that she was looking forward to playing with Tom and me.  My pussy started to get extremely wet as I thought about the three of us playing together.  Yes, Hot Tag Team Sex was going to become a reality sooner than we thought.

Mom had no problem telling me that Tom was hot and young and full of cum.  She was right about that. Soon she mentioned her sex life with my father. “You know over the past few years, your father and I have had an open relationship.

Sometimes we would swing and other times I cuckolded your father.  My mom wanted my father to watch!

In this case, the threesome was going to be sizzling hot.  My head started spinning with the thought of Hot Tag Team Sex. Tom wouldn’t know what hit him and it would be a Mom and daughter fuckfest he would never forget. Moreover, it didn’t take long to get the plan in motion. 

Generally speaking, it didn’t take long to get Tom enticed and his dick ready for action.  After a few shots and it all came naturally between the three of us.  Mom and I started with teasing and pleasing his already throbbing cock.  Consequently, double the action with doubled the pleasure. 

Things went accordingly – Mom positioned herself between my legs with her ass up in the air and ready to be fucked.  Tom couldn’t resist as he slipped his already throbbing cock deep into my Mom’s drenched snatch simultaneously as she licked me. Ready for the details? Interested in maybe setting up a two-girl call for some Hot Tag Team Sex? Call me….Let’s put it together.

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