Have you ever wondered what it would be like watching hot stepsisters experiment together? If you haven’t seen it or joined in on it, your really missing out. My stepsister Dawn and I are so close I can tell her anything. We’d lay in bed at night talking all about my dark twisted secrets. When Dawn learned I had a secret lesbian fantasy she did what any good stepsister would do, she let me use her to explore those lesbian desires. She’ll never admit it but after all those long nights of talking about nothing but sex she got a little curious herself. Dawn grabbed my hand and slid my hand down her panties.

I felt how wet Dawn’s panties were and I instantly knew she wanted this just as much as I did. I started by lightly rubbing her pussy just letting my fingertips graze her pussy lips. Softly, I slid my fingertips up to her clit, I grazed her clit just barely and she squirmed with pleasure. Dawn’s hand moved down to my panties. It was complete torture feeling her play with me from the outside of my panties, not being able to feel her fingers inside me. One young pussy is torture enough just imagine two hot young stepsisters with tight young pussy’s that’s torture. I could take the torture any longer I got on top of Dawn sliding my lips over her hot little nipples. I licked and sucked them one by one taking my time on them, tugging her nipples with my lips, feeling each one get hard between my lips.

My lips slide down passed Dawn’s navel, I pulled down her panties, and my hot girl on girl fantasy is about to come to life. I know you want to hear all about how I teased my stepsisters young pussy but did I stop there or did I take things just a little bit further? That just one dark twisted secret I’ll have to reveal at another time. If you can’t wait until then, you know where to find me. My stepsister isn’t my only kink that will have your cock throbbing.


Kinky Kelsey