All I wanted for Christmas was some hot sex with a holly jolly cock.

One thing I had always lusted after was some hot sex with Santa. Obviously, ever since I saw my daddy dressed up in the fuzzy red suit I’ve had a Christmas fetish, and I want to share a little tale about how I got what I wanted last Christmas season.

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is visiting Santa.  Every year I go and there’s always a line weaving in and out all over the place full of families.  Chattering little ones all waiting in line to tell Santa Claus what they want under their tree. Obviously, every year I have waited in that line.  You see, I know I’m on the naughty list, but something about sitting on that jolly old fuck’s lap makes me drip with excitement.

Feeling a little more mischievous than usual, I marched to the front of the line, ignoring the families behind me protesting the awful line cutting.

This year I was going to tell Santa what I really wanted…

I smiled brightly and plopped my round bottom down on his lap. Then, I slid my hand up my leg causing my skirt to rise up and show a bit more skin than was appropriate. Dear old Santa didn’t miss it either. His cheeks grew rosier and he adjusted his spectacles.

“Ho ho ho oh my! What a naughty girl you are cutting the line and getting Santa all flustered!”

I scooted closer on his lap and felt his yule log swell against my leg.  Then, I smiled at him sweetly, batting my eyelashes.  “I know Santa, I’m a bad girl, and I know I’m on the naughty list, but I think you should make an exception and give me the thing I want most for Christmas”

“Ho Ho Ho, and what would that be, my dear?”

I leaned in. My red candy lips brushing his whiskers and whispered in his ear “I want your holly jolly dick”

He, then, turned his head and craned his neck to look at the long line of boys and girls waiting.  He gave me a long look up and down and then whispered “fuck it”

Then, he turned back to the line and shouted “Santa is going to take a 20 minute… uh, make that 30-minute break”  Groans from the annoyed parents could be heard as he pulled me into Santa’s workshop leaving the line and the elves in the dust.

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