Everyone knows I love Hot Sex.

Getting fingered in public is Hot Sex to me!

You know you don’t need to have sex to have a fun night with someone. I had a great time with Darren and his magic fingers, I’m so glad I ran into him at a club. We only had a few minutes together for Hot Sex but I’ve already texted him for an all-night hookup next week.

I was leaving the bathroom and accidentally knocked into him as he came into the hallway to check his phone. Saying sorry he laughed it off as he checked me out. He said he wished a sexy girl like me ran into him more often and we started flirting.

It was noisy though and people kept passing by us so I took him to the end of the hallway so we could have some privacy. He had a half-empty glass in his hand and I took it from him, finishing his drink for him as he put a hand on my hip.

Rubbing his finger over my hip I leaned closer to him so I could rub his dick through his pants because I love Public Sex.

He put his arm around my waist, holding me close and I started tugging at his zipper. “Someone might see us.” he said whispering. I gave him an evil grin and he grabbed my wrist, stopping me before I could get my fingers inside. “You like doing it in public?” he asked and I nodded as he turned me around so he was behind me.

He slipped a hand under my dress and I shivered as it went up my thigh. His fingers slid into my panties and I spread my legs as they started stroking me. I sighed and closed my eyes as he touched me. A finger made it’s way past my lip and slowly thrust upward. I wasn’t wet yet but it felt good and I rocked lightly on him.

My pussy got a dull ache deep inside and I put my hand on top of his. I could hear a couple of girls giggling and talking as they went to the bathroom and I tilted my head back so I could kiss him. It looked like we were just making out and we stayed like that for a minute, enjoying each other until they came back out and went to the main area.

 I was wet enough now that he could push a second finger inside me and I could really feel how nice they were. His fingers were long, lean and nimble, the kind of fingers you’d expect from a piano player.

Licking my lips as his fingers thrust up in steady movements I couldn’t stop myself from rocking against him. I was breathing faster and he curled his fingers up so every time he went up he touched my clit. Sliding my hand lower so I pressed down on his fingers, helping him finger me because he was doing it perfectly.

I pushed down on him, making him rub harder on my clit. I felt shaky and kept going until it was impossible to hold on any longer.

Leaning into him as his fingers rubbed and stroked me, he made me shudder as I came.

He slowly slid his fingers out and I could feel my juices slipping down my thighs as I straightened up and fixed my dress. Pulling me towards him and I could see his dick bulging out the front of his pants.

He wanted Hot Sex now but I remembered what he’d said earlier and I repeated it back to him. “What if someone sees us?” then kissed him then left.

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