Dear Diary: Hot Sex In My Husband’s Office After Bible Study

Recently I had hot sex in my husbands office after a bible study session, with one of our congregation members. It’s no secret that I’ve been a cheating adulteress whore. Frankly, that’s just the way I am. Recently I’ve taken to conducting bible study in his office after service. The topic has been the same: temptation. I think it’s rather appropriate if I do say so myself. To talk about the powers of temptation, right before I am about to take my next prize in the middle of my husband’s office.

This afternoon right after my husbands Saturday service, I decided to invite Vince back to my husband’s office for a little bible study. Vince is new to our congregation and I wanted to give him a very warm welcome. Immediately following the service, my husband had to leave for retreat and I knew that was my chance. I managed to find Vince right away and led him to my husbands office. Once in there I invited him to have a seat, as I shut and locked the door behind us. It was about to do down and Vince didn’t quite know it, but he was soon going to find out.

I began by pulling out the bible and asking Vince to pull out his. James 1:13-18 was a very good place to start and Vince was eager to follow along. When I looked up, I noticed that he was lustfully looking me up and down. I stopped reading the written word and looked at him straight in the eyes. I cocked my pretty little head to the side and asked, “Is there something the matter darlin? Can I help you with something?” He looked back at me and said, “Well Mrs. Hanna all this talk about temptation has got me really thinkin. I don’t think I can hold back much long Mrs. Hanna!”

In the blink of an eye, I stood fast and fierce. I took my bible and slammed it down on my husband’s desk. I think I might have startled Vince, as he just froze. He didn’t really know what to do or what to think. As a matter of fact, I think he thought he might be in trouble or something. I seductively walked over to him, grabbed his bible and gently set it down. The look on his face was priceless and I couldn’t help but feel an intense tingle through my pussy.

I put my hands around his shoulders and straddled him. Immediately I could feel Vince’s hard fuck stick poke through his pants. Right away I could tell that he was MUCH bigger than my husband and I couldn’t wait to feel him slide deep inside of me. I could feel him pulsing on my pussy through his pants and my panties. Before I could make another move, he pushed me off of him onto the floor. He grabbed my panties, forcefully pulled them over to the side and began to devour my pretty little pussy. Holy fucking shit, he ate my pussy like it was the last pussy on earth. God, if only my husband was willing to eat me like that, I wouldn’t have a need to cheat.

After I came all over Vince’s face, he climbed on top of me and demanded that I taste myself off his chin. Suffice to say, I was eager to do as he demanded. I licked and sucked every last bit of my pussy juices off his chin and loved every bit of it. Finally, the moment I had been longing for from the moment I straddled him. Vince very, very slowly pushed his thick mushroom head into me. Slowly he began to push past my pink lips and in no time we were having hot sex right then and there.

He fucked me so hard and so good and I needed him and that hard cock if his. I want to tell you every single detail of our hot sex session and then some. I want to tell you bit by bit, I want to tell you about thrust for hard thrust. Give your adulteress harlot Hanna a call and let’s play darlin. Do you like your women married? Do you like them innocent looking on the outside, but lustful on the inside? Then I am the woman for you darlin. Let’s not wait any longer.