Hot Sex and Cock Size Does Matter: Porn Stars Weigh In On This Question*

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The Center of a Man’s Existence and Hot Sex

My boyfriend asked me the other day, “Is my cock big?” He’s not the first boyfriend to ask me this question. Why does cock size matter so much to hot sex?

The center of a man’s existence is his cock. Most men, if not all, think about the size of their cocks, and a surprising number of men relate this to their sexual prowess and self-esteem. They also relate it to their sense of power. Women, as well, think about this subject, and how it relates to their sexual pleasure and hot sex.

But, what do “professional sex artists” have to say on the matter? It’s interesting to see what porn stars have to say about the subject and to share their thoughts. Porn has distorted views on sex for many people, so it’s a good thing to be educated from this “point” of view. Some of the great porn stars weigh in, from Lana Rhoades, Mia Malkova to Nicole Aniston, to name a few.

Facts About Cock Size

Facts first: “the average erect penis size is 5.2 inches or 13.2 centimeters. Furthermore, when talking about girth, the average is 4.5 inches or 11.6 centimeters.” The figures come from a recent study published in the British Journal of Urology International which involves 15,000 men from around the world.

Surprisingly, porn stars’ views on size are not as significant as one would guess.

Not Really About the Size

Not everyone is obsessed with size. At least not in the way you think. Some porn stars even avoid cocks that are too big. Porn stars report it’s much more important to know what you’re doing, that you’re willing to please, and have good communication with your partner. Besides, we’re not even scratching the surface of everything else that goes into a relationship, no matter how long or short it can be.

Furthermore, according to another study, “almost 40% of American women require oral stimulation to orgasm. Moreover, less than 20% say that penetration is enough to climax.” See why a die-hard tongue is so important for your girl?

It’s important for you to hone your skills at licking pussy! If you can make your girl cum every time, she’ll always want to please you in return. Guaranteed!




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