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With his eyes closed, I wondered  – What did he fantasize about?  Watching – learning – living  and loving It.  The way his hand stroked over a hard long shaft always made my pussy tingle with excitement.  Sometimes I could hear him standing outside my door watching.   I knew he could hear me masturbating late into the night. This eventually led to the many hours of the hot sex of exciting family fun.  

One evening I found myself  in a perfect situation to watch my brother stroke his cock.  I couldn’t help myself. I love to watch men masturbate all the time.  He stroked his cock like an instrument. His fingers teased the head of his cock, as he moved his hand downward to tease his balls.

At that moment my own arousal swept over my body.  The feeling of desire took over my body, as I entered my brother’s room. By this time, his pace increased, as he brought himself closer and closer to the point of no return.  I watched and waited to see the rush of his release. My pussy was wet between my creamy thighs. He was completely silent up until he released a low groan of pleasure.   I fingered myself vigorously to keep up with his pace. Moments later we climaxed together.  Just like masturbation phone sex I love watching and  listening to the erotic sexual sounds of arousal.

Hot sex is good sex.

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