A hot professor is something every person hopes for when they are in college. Let’s be honest, we hope the course material is interesting, but we also wouldn’t mind a little eye candy. Or at least I don’t mind eye candy!

When I was in college I wasn’t above fucking my hot professor for a better grade. Sure, I could have gotten an A all on my own, but where is the fun in that? An A doesn’t make me cum several times in between classes does it? A hot professor can turn me on any day of the week.

I remember the first time I fucked my professor. It was my freshman year of college and I was only 18 years old. The course was Intro. to Philosophy and I found the material to be mildly interesting. Not nearly as interesting as the 6ft tall, sexy, dark-haired professor delivering the lessons.

One day I decided to make a move and went to see him during his office hours. I walked into his office and closed the door behind me. My shirt was very low cut and I was wearing a push-up bra. Pearching on the edge of my seat I made sure to lean forward while I was asking him questions about a paper I wrote that he gave me a B on. I could feel his eyes on my tits and it made my nipples get rock hard.

He definitely noticed because I saw him lick his lips and reach down to adjust himself under his desk.

Pretending to drop my pen near his feet I went around the desk and dropped to my knees. I moved my hands around on the floor, acting like I was feeling around for my pen. My hands landed on his lap and I look up at him with a playful look in my eyes. Want me to suck your dick, professor? I boldly ask him.

He stood up quickly and went to lock the door. Without saying a word, he pulled his hard dick out of his pants and made his back over to me. Smiling, I open my mouth nice and wide and take him in as far as I can down my throat. Humming with pleasure I begin to suck him off. I love sucking dick and my hot professor had a super nice one. Long, thick and very well groomed. It was a true delight to give head to.

I sucked his dick until I felt his balls tighten up against my chin and his dick get even harder inside my wet mouth. When he came he grabbed me back by the back of my head and made me swallow every last drop.

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