Hot Older Man Sex with Mom’s Colleague and Business Partner.

Here’s the story of how I started craving hot older man sex with someone who worked with my Mom. I sat in the darkness listening to the wheeler-dealer business partner of my Mom’s finishing up his call. He turned and saw me sitting in my robe and was a bit off-put by my eavesdropping, but calmed down as soon as he saw me in my little silk robe and my legs slightly parted. “Oh! Hi, Joey!”, he said. “How long have you been listening to me?” His words came tumbling out and he was clearly blushing. He went to push past me but stopped when I told him to sit on my bed. He looked scared as fuck right about then. LOL.

I asked him if he liked what I had on and he replied yes, then asked what the fabric was. He really was nervous! “It’s b-b-b-beautiful.”. Followed by, “Hey! HEEEYYYY! I said it was beautiful! I never said to open it! Dammit! Your Mother’s going to kill me! JC! What is the matter with you!?” He acted as if he’d never had teen sex before. Could it even be possible? Nahhhh. Do you think?

Hot Older Man Sex was going to feel so good!

He stammered, “Ummm. What were you doing by the way, while you were watching me? Because, from the looks of things, you umm, you were playing! I mean for God’s sake LOOK at you! You’re all, you know, swollen!” “You know what? Never mind. Just close that robe back up, I’m going back downstairs to the dinner. We’ll just pretend this never happened!”  “What? My experience has NOTHING to do with anything, young lady…” was his response to me saying I wanted some hot older man sex. His words fell flat though, as I kissed him passionately.

He tried to pull away, but he was weak for me, and all I had done so far was swab his tonsils with my tongue!

“Are you… Sure? Is this really what you want?”, he asked in earnest, followed by, “Stop! Would you please just take your hand off my fucking cock?” I giggled. Within seconds he was giving in to me, and shoved his hands between my soft, creamy thighs, moaning, “Oh My GOD! I can feel how wet you are!” He begged to slide a finger in me and when he did… “Fuck! Mmmm. You are a little slut, aren’t you?” He continued his fingering and applying his thumb to my swollen clit.

All it takes is hot older man sex to get the juices flowing.

“Were you touching this wet, little cunt while I was on my phone call?” He yanked my hand to his cock and spit on it, telling me to stroke it. Of course, I did!

“An experienced fucking family. That’s perfect, in fact.” Did he maybe think I missed that? I’d circle back on that later. For now, his cock was the master of the night and I was savoring it one hundred percent. He chided me for not being able to get one of my hands around his cock. Then, he grabbed my lower back pulling me to his mouth and sucking my tits in as hard as he could. All the while he was doing this low moan that was sexy as fuck!

“So, does your mother know what a little fucking cunt you are? I’m going to stretch that little eighteen-year-old pussy with this huge cock of mine, little girl.”

“GOD! Your body is so fucking hot! If your mother only KNEW! But, it’s okay. I won’t tell if you don’t. She won’t hear it from me!” I never said a word, I just kept on stroking him and moaning quietly as he sucked my tits. From the way he spoke, I’d guess he had at least engaged in some hot ageplay phonesex before. He was just way too easy to take. Haha.

Hot older man sex takes time I wasn’t sure we had!

But, I was willing to risk it if he was. So, I stroked him and drifted into bliss as he fingered my pussy. I was a little shy when he exclaimed that he loved the way my little pussy twitched around his fingers, so, of course, that just made it twitch more!

“My GOD! I want to get up in you! You bend over you fucking whore!”. He grabbed my long hair and twisted it around his hand like a rope, then he yanked! “Owww!” I could have sworn my parents would have heard that, but they were already into the third bottle of merlot!

“Your little pussy is soooo fucking tight! I’ve got to get my cock in there!” “Oh. Baby! It’s so perfect. So perfect for this big fucking cock. Just to feel you squeeze and pull on this big cock! This is what you were thinking of when you watched me, isn’t it?”

I was loving hot older man sex. I’d be wanting this more often!

“Rub your clit while I fuck your cunt!”. Then, he scared me with, “That’s right, Baby. Let me stretch those fucking pussy lips with my big, throbbing cock!”

“Your fingers playing with that swollen clitty. Rub it for me. I know you’re ready to cum. CUM for me you slut! Squirt on me so you can drive me closer to loading you up with my grown man cum. Let it squirt all over my big cock. Oooh, that feels so good! You want my load so bad. It’s gonna make me cum so much watching that little pussy stuffed with giant cock!”

His balls were making a rhythmic sound slapping back and forth against my ass while he burrowed deeper and deeper still. He begged me to cum with him, which I did!

“Is this what you were dreaming of baby-girl? Dreaming that I’d somehow find you up here with your wet cunt and fill you with my seed? I bet that’s exactly how you envisioned it happening. But, I had my own plans ever since I saw you at the office visiting your Mom.”

Moreover, it seemed the hot older man sex I was looking for matched with his plans for young, tight pussy. So, now we had a little something on each other. Shhhh. It’s our special secret. However, you know I’ll share the deets with you when you call me!

Kiss, kiss!

JoeyHot Older Man Sex