I Finally Received My Hot New Sex Toy Right Here!

Oh yes, I cannot believe I finally got my hot new sex toy in the mail the other day.  Let me tell you, toys have changed so much from the first time I started buying and using toys.  To say I was anticipating this more than anything would have been an understatement.

I had been teasing my pussy so long that morning while waiting for the delivery to arrive.  It probably didn’t help that I just got my two best friends fucking in their car.  The vision of them kissing passionately while the car rocked back and forth was so hot.

Edging while waiting on a hot new sex toy is so tricky.

Those of us who edge can definitely appreciate the art and the discipline it takes to keep our breath under control and not stroke or rub too hard. All you can think about is that oh-so-wonderful release as a gigantic orgasm takes you off into blissful worlds.

Well, let’s just say when I got my hot new sex toy, I nearly lost the cord in my frenzy to open the package. A card you ask? These toys now plugin or charge with a USB. This concept in itself is not new but it sure makes you practice patience. After all, didn’t someone once say that patience is a virtue?

I plugged in my hot new sex toy and it was game on.

Some people say it’s game on when sports come on the television, but I say it’s game on when my toy finally charged. I had ordered a pink massage wand. Come on, everyone knows what it’s used for and it’s not just for massaging the obvious places.

So, first I explored the buttons on the toy and figured out how to work the toy. My pussy was so excited. I could feel my lips moisten with anticipation and desire. I knew if I put the toy on my pussy, it would be game over. There was time to cum later.

Next, I explored my body, touching every sensitive curve, my hard nipples, my stomach, and so much more. My lips quivered as I imagined the soft lips of my husband or girlfriend kissing me passionately.

There are secrets your body will reveal.

If only we took more time to explore our zones, our bodies would reveal the secrets of paradise. First, I ran the pink toy along my nipples till they hardened into tight hard buds.  I let the toy tickle my belly button, my butt, my smooth thighs and barely brushed the tip of the toy on my pussy lips for just a moment.

I imagined my two best friends fucking each other in their car. Even through the windows, I could hear her screaming so loud. The sight of them fucking turned me on so much.

Then, I rubbed the toy a little faster and imagined a boy toy that I would have hired to come and lick my pussy while my husband was at work. He would make me cum so hard until my legs shook.

The toy was so intense, but I didn’t want to stop.

This hot new sex toy felt so good, I would not have cared if anyone walked in on me using it. I had to cum and hard. All I could think about was getting my sheets wet with my juicy desire, spending myself till I fell asleep.

I was so close! But I felt like something was missing. Did I need a helping hand, a voice, a commanding presence to take me over and over? Perhaps it was the thrill of cumming with someone like you.

Would you be willing to come over and help me out?  I promise you, it will be an experience so sensual that you will never forget it.


Would you love to help me enjoy my hot new sex toy?  Call me for some sinful phone sex, and we’ll both have so much fun.

 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke