Feet Fetish: slut loves to use her sexy toes to turn you into her little bitch

You are my feet, slave! I know you have a feet fetish. I love teasing you with my cute little feet. Getting them all pretty and polished. Buying me a cute little pair of black strappy heels to drive you wild. Love rubbing my feet on my fresh and silky sheets. They feel so nice against my ticklish toes. Love the way they feel and I know you are completely obsessed with them. You are my slave. Craving to just get a quick peek of my sexy little feet. You buy me all types of shoes. paying for my pedicures to make sure they are pretty at all time.

If you get lucky I might even let you feel on them. Your cock gets super hard when I lotion them fresh out of a shower. Sometimes I feel generous so I let you masturbate to my feet. You are not allowed to touch but you can look. I own you and you will do as I say or I will gladly take my feet away from you. don’t make me mad it will only get worse. I will choose another man to make my slave. Don’t make me break your heart. My feet actually like you but you gotta keep me happy. Wanting more shoes and more toe nail polishes. You know I deserve it all.

Putting on some sexy pantyhose over my toes. drives you even wilder.

I am starting to think maybe I spoil you too much? Do you even deserve to stare at my delicious feet? Thinking about how I am going to punish you. Maybe I will do a sexy strip tease. Taking off my pantyhose all slow and sexy. Making you watch me but keeping you from touching yourself. Your cock just throbbing cause it wants some sweet relief. I think that will teach you a lesson. Your balls turn bright blue and purple. I love messing with you. Will you be a good boy, and next time listen to my every command? The choice is up to you. because I will always use your feet fetish against you!

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