I’ve taken some big dicks in my life, some downright massive, but none compare to the horse dick I took the other day!

I’m not talking about just any old massive cock and I’m not using ‘horse dick’ as a euphemism, either! The cock I took the other day was a genuine, real life, horse dick!

The experience was surreal. I’ll admit that I was scared at first. Terrified, actually. But it turned out to be way more pleasant and arousing than I was actually expecting. I was paid to be the entertainment at a bachelor party being thrown by some VERY wealthy men. Wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into at first. I thought it might be something along the lines of fucking another girl in front of all these dudes, or maybe being tied up and being used as the party sex slave, but when I was given the description of the job, Was so surprised and shocked, I almost said no!

I was never too much into bestiality. I’d been curious about animal play in the past. I had looked at some bestiality porn before, but I honestly never thought I’d end up taking a horse dick! Videos of girls getting fucked by horse dicks was giving me ideas of how it could even be done. I had to watch to see how the horse would mount me and to see how I was even supposed to go about fitting that giant thing inside of me!

Practicing with a HUGE black dildo became a very crucial part of preparing for this party.

$1,200 dollars was what I was getting paid for this gig, so there was no way I was backing out! I was also just way too curious to not have at least tried it once! So, the day of the party comes. It’s at a barn out in the middle of nowhere. The host introduces me to my date for the night as soon as I arrive at the party. The horses name was Comanche! And by the time I saw him, Comanche was already ROCK hard!

Give me a call to hear the rest of this Taboo Phone Sex / bestiality story and to hear how I took Comanche’s horse dick like a champ!