Christmas sex is as much of a Tradition for me as ANY other tradition.  By the same token, if I’m not getting it in, where’s the sense in all the holiday majesty?  Okay, apart from the religious aspects of it, I mean.  So, my girls and I are constantly on the prowl for good dick.  Again, what’s the sense in going for it if it’s just gonna be so-so?  But, we crave the wild-side and, with that cums hitting it out of the park!

Did I mention that my Christmas sex does NOT need to be consensual?  Moreover, it doesn’t need to be with MEN only.  Hey! Horny is horny, am I right?  I sat to contemplate, not only what I wanted for Christmas, but also what would bring about the most debauchery for my guests.  Do you think I’m speaking of your run-of-the-mill ass-fucking and ball-chewing?  Oh, baby…at the present time, those will be more like holiday appetizers!

You see, true hunger NEVER sleeps!  In fact, it draws those in need to me.  And then I devour them.  Sort of like my own personal Holiday Feast!  And, Christmas sex makes me even hungrier than normal. I need to pound his ass like a pussy and then squirt cum (from a bulb attached) inside him.  Then, I’ll feast on his figgy pudding until he screams like a little bitch!

I prowl the streets of every town the weeks prior to Christmas and I’m looking for YOU now! Lock your doors & windows.  Be careful who you let in.  A man-pussy pounding girl, with the look of pure innocence wants to fuck you tonight! And, worse yet, you’ll not only let me, but you’ll invite me to take you roughly!

Cum to Me NOW, Baby!


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