Home Invasion Phone Sex With No Limits

Home invasion fantasy with London. You all know I’m fun and flirty, but you also know that I have a darker side to me. Scott and I decided to try something a little different this weekend. Sorry, I wasn’t here yesterday, but you’ll forgive me when I explain the kinky role-play fun we had.

It was a combination of a home invasion and an age play fantasy. I was alone in my apartment. I was roleplaying a fairly young age. Small body. Tiny tits. I was sitting on my couch. Mommy and Daddy were gone late at night on a date.

That’s when I heard the doorknob start to turn. I thought they were home early so I ran to the front door and opened it. There was certainly a man on the other side, but he wasn’t Daddy. I tried to close the door, but he was bigger and stronger than me. He pushed through. Fell on my butt and the door slammed shut.

I squeaked in fear. I could feel my heart race and my breathing got shallow. He towered over me and before I could blink he had a massive hand around my throat. Easily he lifted me completely off the ground and carried my squirming body into my room.

In one motion he tossed me face first onto my twin sized bed.

When I tried to get up he put his hand on the back of my neck. With his other hand, he pulled up my skirt and started looking between my legs. Tears started to fall down my cheeks as he stuck a finger inside me.

I didn’t start screaming until he pulled out and put his finger back in, but it was in my butt. I could hear the sound of his belt and his pants. Then I started to beg and cry as his pants hit the floor. He only laughed and stuck his finger in my mouth so I could taste my own juices.

When I tried to bite his fingers he slapped me across the face. I sniffled and kept crying, but he told me to be a good girl and not make any noise or he’d hurt me so I tried not to scream as he forced his hard cock deep into my little-puckered butt hole.

Want to know more? Then give me a call for some explosive, extreme age and role-play fun!

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