I Love Tight Short Dresses


As the holidays keep getting closer the festive spirit feels even more present. What other way to embrace that than by going to our town’s Christmas parade. It is always a big event, with a small festival afterwards to start the seasoning of joy. Little did I know my short dress would get me holiday parade sex with a complete and total stranger. I know what you’ll say, no one saw you? To be honest, I don’t even see him.

As I was getting ready for the parade I decided to finally bust out my tight little sweater dress. The weather was actually quite nice and I wore it with my favorite boots and of course, no panties to make things way more interesting. A part of me did want some holiday parade sex but I was expecting it with my husband or maybe even my stepson who had decided to join us last minute. We got there a bit late so we had to stand by as the cars started to roll down the street.

My husband was to my right and hot stepson right in front of us with his girlfriend. But for a while now I felt someone standing way to close to me. His crotch was always pressed into my ass. I felt a hard-on and immediately got excited but nervous. Though I love public sex, there was way too many people around I thought the pervert behind me would just grope me and be done but I was so WRONG!

Holiday Parade Sex Gets My Pussy Wet

I felt the strangers hands slide up my short dress from behind. The stranger felt my bare pussy and started playing with it. He got me soaking wet with his fingers. The stranger played with me gently, as to not make me moan in pleasure. I reached back to feel his bare cock leaking on my dress. Then, I started stroking him as slow as he was touching me. The stranger kept getting closer and closer. I felt his dick rest on me, trying to push in me when all of a sudden he started teasing my ass.

When I’m horny anal is what I crave. But in the middle of a Christmas parade with everyone around I don’t know if I could take him all in me. It didn’t matter. The stranger came prepared. His dick was dripping his lube as he started to push into my tight MILF asshole. This wasn’t the first time he had done this. His dick felt so good my pussy was dripping. Inch by inch I took his big dick. He went in slow, so slow my ass just swallowed his cock.

It didn’t take long for what stranger to cum in me. I felt the gush of hot jizz explode inside me. I was dripping his cum all over my thighs once he pulled out of me. When I finally was able to recover and looked back, it was already dark and there wasn’t anyone near me. On the way back home I wondered who could it have been. I needed more anal fucking from him. And I needed to find him!

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