Ho-Ho-Home for the Holidays.

Wanna cum ho-ho-home for the holidays with me? It’s super easy. All you need is a love of all thingsabout the holidays. Well, a hard dick helps. Lay back and let me take care of you. I am the reverse of the Grinch who Stole Christmas. I BRING all the happiness. And I never take it away. Haha. Whatever you can dream up that’s sexy, I’m gonna give it to you. Craving some anal action? Here I am. Stuff your nose up there and take a whiff of my pineapple-flavored girlie bits.

I’ll take you to the edge of ho-ho-home for the holidays, but I won’t let you fall over. Moreover, I will keep you right there and stroking for me. Imagine you just walked into your home after a long weekend of back-breaking hanging of decorations designated to you, or some neighborhood committee saying “What a fun idea” of things we should all do to maintain uniformity! You come inside in some serious pain and shower before you fall into your favorite recliner.

Aren’t You Glad You’re Already Ho-Ho-Home For The Holidays?

Ho-ho-home for the holidays is so great because the human body is a thing of pleasure for me.  your balls are the icing on the cake! Then, I remembered an especially filthy porn movie I watched several years ago called, Daddy Sucked Santa Claus And I’m Telling Mommy. It titillated me to the core, but I always wondered why there wasn’t a version where MOMMY sucked off the jolly old elf! Haha. So, I decided to re-enact it with my own man who surely deserved it.

So, I gave him some ho-ho-home for the holidays sexy action right there as he lay nearly passed out in his comfy chair. Oh, his eyes how they twinkled when he woke up moaning with his dick in my mouth! He grabbed the back of my head and begin thrusting that fatty down my greedy throat while saying, “Oh FUCK! Take it, Baby!” In addition, he started dripping his pre-cum for me, giving me a pre-taste of what was to cum. Slurp! DELICIOUS! More, please!

But, Going Home Needs To Be Special.

Fa-la-la-la-la, I’m ho-ho-home for the holidays and I’m THRILLED it’s with YOU! However, it’s not just some quickie fuck. Oh, no. It has to be special and romantic too! I gave him my ALL for his pleasure. I needed nothing in return because my sexy beast gives to me all year-’round. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wait for the holidays to show him my appreciation. I suck and fuck him anytime he wants it. But, for the holidays, I do it up in special ways each year.

Sucking him down during the ho-ho0home for the holidays is a present all by itself for me and I hate for it to end. So, I tease him and stop for several seconds until the urge to SQUIRT subsides some. Then, I begin again in earnest. My eyes looking into his is a treat for me. Then I devour his full and puffy balls before descending on his little happy pucker. He delights in me knowing how clean it is as I tickle his prostate.

Going Ho-Ho-Home For The Holidays.

I live all year to go ho-ho-home for the holidays. You can get it too by visiting out my phone sex chat. Follow your beastly carnal desires to learn more about me and my sexy antics. Get your lady to read this post too. She could pick up a trick or two to pleasure you! The point is, to make him scream with delight knowing how much I treasure him as he spills his nectar down my throat! He knows how much I love him and what he gives to me all year long.

So, cum on ho-ho-home for the holidays anytime you want. I’ll ALWAYS fill you with the delights of the season and put a smile on your face. Now, gimme what you’ve got and make me happy to SIRvice you. Hell, I may even rub those sore muscles down before taking you to bed and let you UNWRAP your gift… ME! Giggle.

Kiss, kiss.

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