I was sitting on the couch trying on my mom’s high heels when daddy came home from work early. Apparently daddy has a secret high heel shoe fetish and he immediately wanted to see me try on some other heels. He told me to get dressed but to keep the heels on. Daddy wanted to take me shoe shopping. I was so excited to go out with my daddy.

I put on this cute short skirt and a tank top that showed off my perky tits. My mom’s high heels made me look so much older and sexier. I loved hearing the clicking the heels made on the floor as I walked and I’m sure daddy loved it too. His cock was bulging in his pants! On the way to the shoe shop, he had me put my feet on the dash so he could keep looking at them.

“Babygirl, I just want you to know you are helping fulfill one of daddy’s biggest fantasies. Daddy has a huge high heel shoe fetish.” I blushed but got really turned on that I was helping daddy with his fetish. I wanted to be a good girl for daddy and always make him happy. It was like when daddy and I had our virgin tease sex! I would do whatever it takes to make my daddy happy!

I loved daddy’s high heel shoe fetish.

We get to the store and daddy tells the shoe consultant he wants all the heels that were a size 5. She sets us up in a private changing room and starts bringing in box after box of high heels. I swear daddy was about to faint from excitement. His high heel shoe fetish was definitely getting indulged today! She brought in almost twenty pairs of shoes for me to try on for my daddy.

The first pair were just black leather heels with about an inch heel. I put them on and he got on his knees and put my foot in his face. He smelled and rubbed them across his face. The next pair were red velvet and had a four-inch heel on them. I walked around the room as he began to rub his cock through his pants. By the tenth pair of shoes, my daddy was about busting in his pants.

I found a pair of thigh-high lace-up heels and once I had them on I felt so sexy. They were a purple silk ribbon tie and were six-inch heels. I grabbed my phone and put on some sexy music to do a little dance for my daddy. He couldn’t take his eyes off of me, and when I ran the heels down either side of him I could see him visibly shudder. Daddy had a big wet spot on his crotch and I leaned in and licked it up.

Daddy wanted to go home now!

He paid the cashier for the purple heels and told me to keep them on for the car ride home. I felt mischievous once we were in the car and started rubbing my high heels over daddy’s crotch. His groans filled the car and he decided to pull over behind an empty church. Pulling his cock free so I could use the heels to stroke his cock. “Please cum all over my feet daddy,” I begged him.

I started stroking him faster and faster. I could feel his cock pulsing between my feet. “Oh baby girl, daddy’s gonna cum all over your pretty feet.” He moaned out right as he covered my feet with cum. I took my cum covered feet and had him eat it all up. I wanted daddy to be totally fulfilled with his high heel shoe fetish.

Daddy helps me become so much better at my fetish phone sex calls. He truly gives me all the naughty inspiration a girl could use! Being a daddy’s girl really pays off. In cum loads and high heels!